Newel Post & Balusters

Adding a strong sense of style and design to a home is both a science and an art form, and stairs are no exception. As North America’s top custom wood turnings manufacturer, we create an array of innovative custom wood balusters and newel posts featuring ultimate craftsmanship and inspiring designs.

From traditional custom newel posts and balusters to craftsman and modern designs, our experienced Pennsylvania Dutch woodworkers utilize state-of-the-art technology and old-world craftsmanship to create beautiful turned wood products for every taste and style. If you’re in search of premium custom balusters and newel posts for your design project, you can count on Turntech to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.


With us, creating the staircase of your client’s dreams is a breeze as we can bring any custom design to life. Not sure which stair style is right for your home or project? Let us help. Here’s a look at a few of the most popular baluster and newel post styles we craft each and every day:

Craftsman Balusters & Newel Posts

With clean lines and a wonderful contrast of wrought iron brackets and other metals with rich, warm wood, our craftsman style custom wood balusters and newel posts make the perfect addition to any home or commercial space. Mix things up a bit with our wrought iron balusters. Our most popular craftsman designs include the Series A, B & D which echo the clean lines and elegant rectangular proportions of both modern and historical craftsman homes. However, more complex styles and patterns featuring large wooden balls, metal spindles, and shorter patterns are also available.

Traditional Balusters & Newel Posts

Traditional stair railings are known for their wooden spindles, large wooden balls, and semi-ornate metal or wrought iron balusters. Meanwhile, our traditional custom newel posts are often richly stained and elegantly carved to provide a warm welcoming feel. With a sturdy yet ornate profile designed to accentuate elaborate trim and integrate Victorian ornamentation, our Series C and E traditional balusters and newel posts add a sense of warmth and elegance to any home.

Modern Balusters & Newel Posts

Modern balusters and newel posts often make use of contrasting textured metals, such as brushed nickel and stainless steel, to bring an airy refinement to any space. In place of ornate metals or traditional wood, horizontal or vertical cable balusters and steel or wrought iron brackets are often used to open up the space, create a sense of airiness, and make a strong visual impact. Our box newels and wrought iron balusters look fantastic mixed with wood newel posts, especially the box newels.

Designing a stellar staircase is much easier when you’re able to define you or your client’s style preferences. By following a few basic design principles, you’ll be able to shape the ideal balusters and newel posts for your clients. With our help, your design will come to life!

Custom Baluster and Newel Post Wood Options

Nearly any type of wood can be utilized for your staircase project. In fact, we can flute, twist, and reed dozens of wood varieties to provide you and your client with the perfect look to complement their home. Some of our most popular wood species include:

✔ African Mahogany ✔ Alder ✔ Ash ✔ White Birch ✔ Cherry ✔ Hard Maple ✔ Hickory
✔ Poplar ✔ Red Oak ✔ Soft Maple ✔ Spanish Cedar ✔ Walnut ✔ White Oak

Turntech – Your Baluster and Newel Post Specialist

At Turntech, we manufacture balusters, newel posts, and brackets for nearly any application. Whether you’re in search of quality balusters and newel posts for new construction or a restoration project, our highly skilled craftsmen can take your design from paper to finished product in no time at all.

As a premier custom wood turnings manufacturer, we utilize decades of knowledge, old world craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art machinery to create the most beautiful and precise turned wood products on the market today.

Regardless of your chosen design or wood species, all of our premium balusters and newel posts come sanded and ready for stain or paint. Best of all, we can have your custom balusters and newel posts at your door and ready for install in as little as ten business days.

Manufactured in the heart of Amish country in Lancaster, PA, rest assured our products are second to none. To take your staircase project to the next level with unrivaled craftsmanship and attention to detail, contact us today!