Custom Staircase Inspiration

An exceptional custom staircase is quite the eye-catching home feature. More and more, homeowners are finding their staircase deserves attention in their renovation. Not only is a staircase something your family will see and use every day, but it is the perfect venue to show off your personal aesthetic style. To give you some staircase inspiration, we’re showcasing some of our favorite custom projects that we’ve contributed to and built.

5 Classic Staircase Design Ideas

While your staircase looks alright at the moment, chances are it isn’t particularly noteworthy or interesting – but you can change that! Each of these 5 classic staircase designs showcase different styles that work in a variety of different home styles. Plus, a luxurious custom staircase belongs in every home – not just mansions. Check out 5 of our favorite staircase design ideas:


Solid Post and Metal Staircase

  • This curved staircase steals the show! The heavy turned posts create a strong, solid impression right from the start. This contrasts nicely with the detailed metal balusters to create an elegant feeling that permeates the whole space. At TurnTech, we can provide both elegant wooden posts along with many different metal balusters

Metal spindles with wooden stairs


Spiral Hollow Twist Staircase 

  • Gorgeous, ornamental, and a great fit for almost any home. This staircase design is all about the spiral hollow twist in the Newell post. The spiral hollow twist is centered around a turned post to add an extra layer of style. Plus, notice how the post matches the roping on the thin wooden balusters as well.

Spiral newell posts on stairwell


Sleek Modern Staircase  

  • One of the most interesting staircase design projects we’ve ever contributed to, this piece is a true wow-factor. Notice how well the black-painted wooden posts match with the metal in the rest of the staircase. While most ornate staircases are inherently classic, this one has a distinct modern feel, courtesy of the unpainted stairs and the striking black hardware. We consider this project to be true standout staircase inspiration!

Decorated modern staircase



Western Style Staircase  

  • While this staircase and room would look right in a museum or a palace, this is actually someone’s home! While they are perfect here, the ornamental style of the matching custom-turned balusters would look exceptional on any staircase in any home. In addition, notice the look of the ornamental wooden that runs the length of the stairs. Finally, the tiling on the stairs is a hallmark of the southwestern style but can be seen all over.

Western styled staircase with wooden spokes


Statement Making Staircase 

  • This staircase design makes a dramatic impression as soon as you walk in the front door. The extra large custom posts grab your attention due to their size and the custom carving. These posts are also mirrored at the top of the stairs to complete the look. In addition, the white wooden balusters fill out the long staircase, and they truly look beautiful. This project highlights how a single element (or a pair!) can be a true statement piece.

Grand staircase in home foyer


Able to Custom Carve Everything

If you like something you’ve seen in this blog, we’d love to build it for you. However, if you find staircase inspiration somewhere else (Pinterest, HGTV, or anywhere else) we can build it for you, too. As a true custom wood shop, we can craft practically anything you need – all you have to do is send us a picture.At TurnTech, we can craft the posts, balusters, handrails, and more that bring a classic staircase design to life.

While this is a crucial part of staircase design, it also allows us to provide a wide range of other wood products that are ideal for home remodels. Some of our other popular custom items include:

  • Custom columns
  • Base moulding
  • Crown moulding
  • Decorative table legs
  • Corbels and brackets
  • Bun feet
  • Much more!


Bring Your Staircase Inspiration to Life

If this staircase inspiration fired up your imagination, we’re ready to help. We are able to work directly with you, the homeowners, or through your contractor of choice. While we are dedicated to the custom quality of a classic woodshop, we offer 21st convenience like online shopping and nationwide shipping.

Bring us your staircase design and we’ll help you bring it life. Reach out today to tell us all about your project!


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