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Unique pieces of woodworking can be an essential component of many types of renovations. Replicating a much-needed design for a consistent décor – or bringing a design to life – can truly bring a project together. For years we have crafted one-of-a-kind wooden components. Now we’re debuting a custom woodworking pricing calculator to make estimating your project even simpler!

At Turntech, we are a woodworking company that builds everything from porch columns and crown moulding to pieces of staircases and decorative table legs. Our new calculator is able to give accurate estimates on the vast majority of what we build. Check out our calculator to estimate woodworking pricing for your project – or keep reading to learn more about it!

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Turntech’s Free Woodwork Estimate Calculator

For large and small renovations, determining pricing is a key part of the planning process. In order to make this as easy and intuitive, we built our woodwork estimate calculator. While our tool is accurate, it can only provide estimates – your final quote will need to be generated by one of our experienced team members.

These are the three primary categories of our calculator and a few basics about the options and what to expect with pricing:



Custom woodworking pricing for balcony renovation project

The widest category of custom woodworking, turning includes everything from newell posts for stairs to custom table legs, balusters, specialized dowels, and much more.

In addition to the size and wood species used, the factors that have the greatest influence over price are the turning style and turning type. Ordering a porch post or Newell post will very often cost more than a smaller piece. In addition, the style of turning plays a role here as well. Roped, fluted, and reeded carving will cost more than simple carving options.

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Woodwork estimate calculator for porch columns

Columns for use on porches and in internal décor are one of Turntech’s signature items. Wooden columns are one of the most frequently customized pieces of woodworking, as matching exact styles is crucial for some renovation projects.

When it comes to using the woodwork estimate calculator for columns, the column style is the primary factor in the cost. The roped, fluted, and reeded styles are all more complicated to carve. When requesting custom woodworking pricing on any piece, including a picture is beneficial. This is especially the case when matching ornate columns. When it comes to the wood species used for columns (and all projects), mahogany, Spanish cedar, white oak, and walnut are the most expensive options. On the other hand, poplar is consistently the most budget friendly wood to use.

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custom woodworking pricing for unique crown moulding

Custom moulding can be a tremendous accent when completing interior renovations. One-of-a-kind moulding creates an eye-catching and detailed fixture that can enhance almost any space. There are several different ways to customize your moulding, and our calculator accounts for them. Firstly, the thickness of the moulding plays a role in determining the price of the project.

In addition to the thickness and length, width and thickness, the style of the moulding is the major factor in the price. Dentil and embossed moulding are by far the most complex and most intricately detailed styles, and will therefore increase your moulding’s cost.

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Discuss Your Project with Us Directly

While our woodwork estimate calculator is designed to provide busy homeowners and designers added convenience, our team is also standing by. If you’d rather get started by giving us a call or sending us some information, we’re more than happy to assist in that way, too. In fact, for some extremely detailed and complicated projects, that can be essential. You can fill out a description of your project here:

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Get Custom Woodworking Pricing

Whether you want to use our calculator or discuss your project with our experts directly, we want to make the price quote process as seamless and convenient as possible. In order to get you the most accurate custom woodworking pricing, it helps to have measurements and pictures ready ahead of time.

Home interior with two wood square columns for design

Of course, if you or your contractor need assistance and want to have a conversation, our skilled team is available to assist. Not only can we discuss pricing, but we can provide input on the design of your project, too!

Feel free to call us at (717) 859-5944.

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Wonderful work, great communication. Highly recommend.
Gordon Hall
Gordon Hall
Turntech made a difference in the final look by providing the wood moulding I needed to refinish an antique pool table. They were the only place I could find the red oak with the style and size that most closely matched. Further they credited me back for the set up costs since they had what I needed in stalk. Highly recommended! Thanks Turntech!!
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Adam Phillips
I ordered a bunch of corbels for a large bar I was building. Their prices were great and they shipped quickly. Communication was great as well. I was very pleased with what I received and would definitely purchase from them again in the future.
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Justin Prior
Excellent quality product and prompt, pleasant communication prior to completing our order. 5 stars !Mary at Encore Upholstery Studio, LLC
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Mary Opila
We have ordered our custom turned wood shapes now for years and by the thousands. Very happy with the quality and service.
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