Kitchen Woodworking for Your Renovation

While you know all of the modern and minimalist kitchens are the trend of the day, you prefer something a bit more timeless. If a classically ornate kitchen is your style goal, you’re in the right place. At TurnTech, we often provide the custom kitchen woodworking that creates the truly one-of-a-kind look you’re after.

We’re an authentic artisan woodshop that offers the 21st century convenience of online shopping and nationwide shipping. When it comes to kitchen remodels, we craft and carve pieces that complete custom furniture or add unique touches. See our most common kitchen woodworking pieces and how you can incorporate them into your project.


5 Ways to Enhance Your Ornate Kitchen with Woodworking

An ornate kitchen styles calls for delicate carvings and elaborate touches. Every piece of trim and furniture is a chance to show your design personality, through beautiful detail work. These are five of the most-common ways you can use kitchen woodworking to create that style.


Wooden Island Legs

Custom turned kitchen island legs

Using a gorgeous island as the centerpiece of your kitchen is a tired and true technique for a wide range of different kitchen styles. If you’re inspired by a classical kitchen design, the legs of the island can be a great place to show those touches. People will be paying attention to your island, so make sure the kitchen woodworking is front and center. We carve a wide range of custom island legs — the most popular styles are square profile legs, roped legs, or fluted legs.

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Crown Moulding

Custom crown molding for kitchen spaces

A tried-and-true traditional touch, adding crown moulding to any space can enhance the sense of style. Used as an accent in ornate kitchens, installing detailed moulding above the cabinets provides another way to show your sense of style. While crown moulding is often used alone in a kitchen, it can also pair nicely with base moulding.

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Wooden Corbels for Open Shelving

Simple open shelving corbels

While open shelving is traditionally used in plain, farmhouse style kitchens, with the right accessories, it can work alongside the most classical designs.  Using our wood corbels, you can build open shelves and still incorporate a piece of highly-ornate kitchen woodworking. All of our styles from our classic to our fluted and traditional options will add a distinctly traditional look to your kitchen. Our custom carved corbels show that even the smallest touches can contribute to an overall style.

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Cabinet Door Mounding

Molding for custom cabinets in kitchen

True custom cabinets are a hallmark of the luxury kitchen renovation. If you’re looking for more avenues to showcase an ornate kitchen style, adding moulding to the cabinet doors is one of the best ways to do so. Our rope moulding is an especially in-demand touch to make your new cabinets just a little more distinctive. We’re more than happy to work with our kitchen designer or cabinet maker.

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Custom Table Legs

Custom turned kitchen table legs for modern homes

The furniture you bring into your new kitchen can match — and enhance — the décor you’ve built with the other elements. Crafting a custom table is one of the most-popular pieces of furniture to commission for your new kitchen. For a unified feel, match the custom wooden legs on your centerpiece island to the table legs on your one-of-a-kind kitchen table. Using custom kitchen woodworking in your table design is a way to have look that is exclusive to you — something that someone couldn’t buy anywhere else.

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Still looking for inspiration? This is just the beginning — see our woodworking gallery.


Bring Your Custom Ideas to TurnTech

TurnTech is a custom woodshop that can carve, turn or craft anything that you can imagine. Whether you want to send us a sketch or simply a picture that you want us to build for you, our team can do it. Just like a classical custom woodshop, this ability allows us to provide one-of-a-kind pieces of kitchen woodworking and much more for our clients.

In addition to having the skill to craft anything you can envision, we also provide our customers all of the modern conveniences that make it easy to get everything you need. We offer shipping all over the USA, online ordering, and a knowledgeable team standing by to discuss your custom projects.

Reach out to our team today — or start shopping right now.


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