Turned Wood Posts: Interior & Exterior

Imagine the perfect accent for a grand front porch – or picture the ideal addition to classic home décor. If you’re anything like us, you envision gorgeous turned wood posts as the perfect addition to your interior or exterior remodeling project.

At TurnTech, we manufacture a wide variety of custom wood turnings for homes throughout the country – and custom turned wood posts are some of our signature items! We’re known for our ability to custom carve almost anything you can imagine and to match almost any picture you show us. Keep reading to see what can build for you – or start shopping right here!

Exterior timber column on porch


Timber Porch Posts

For many homes both historic and contemporary, these gorgeous timber porch posts are one of the defining features. Whether they are painted or stained, these wooden columns are an essential part of your home’s curb appeal. These are the most popular style of posts you can bring to your porch – see if one is the perfect match for your home:

  • Slender – Completing both older and new homes, these slim turned wood posts offer plenty of room for intricate custom carving. Plus, they can be accentuated with bands of color that tie your curb appeal together.
  • Modern – The key traits of modern porch posts are their straight lines and no-frills design. Whether they are slender or stout, these posts work well with modern and craftsmen homes in particular.
  • HistoricalRestoring a historic front porch will often necessitate new timber porch posts. Another signature item of TurnTech, historical columns can be fairly simple with a slight tapering – or complex with deep fluting.

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Since these timber porch posts will be exposed to the elements for decades, we need to make them out of a material that lasts – while looking exceptional the whole time. These are most common wood species for our turned wood posts and the advantages they bring:

  • Yellow Pine – This wood species is our most economical option for posts. To make it more weather-resistant, we can use dried pressure treated yellow pine for your columns.
  • Mahogany – This gorgeous type of wood is naturally rot-resistant and thus a great choice for outdoor installation.
  • Spanish Cedar – Another strong choice for timber porch posts, Spanish Cedar is naturally protected against both rot and bugs.


Turned Columns for Interior Design

Turned columns are a home accent that makes a big impact, no matter where you place them. When planning an interior design, homeowners often use columns alongside fireplaces as a way to divide a large room, or built into cabinets or bookshelves. Once again, you have near unlimited styles for turned wood posts, but these are some of the most common:

  • Straight – The most traditional type of column, these simple options can complete almost any design.
  • Tapered – Tapered columns are similar to the straight design, however, they have a wider profile near the base.
  • Fluted – A much more elaborate style for turned columns, the fluted design features deep and elegant grooves running down the body of the column.
  • Roped – The roped design is one of our most ornamental options, which features elegant turning that resembles rope. This column style is often used to accent very traditional spaces.

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Interior staircase with timber columns


As is the case with outdoor turned columns, our woodcrafters can pull from a wide range of different wood species when making indoor options. If we know the homeowner is planning to paint the pieces, we recommend Poplar or Maple as these wood species take the paint well. However, if you are planning to stain the columns instead, we’ll often recommend Mahogany, Red Oak, or White Oak instead.

Learn more about using wooden columns for your interior design.


Buy Turned Wood Posts Online 

While our roots may be in the traditional American woodcrafting tradition, we wholeheartedly believe in bringing the advantages of the 21st century to you. That means you can complete your order 100% online and have it delivered to you anywhere in the United States. However, if you’d rather discuss custom wood turned posts with our team, we’re standing by to answer your questions and to help you create something beautiful.

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High quality and good customer service. I won't go anywhere else with my business.
Lyle Martin
Lyle Martin
They did superior project for the columns on my front porch. The house will be 100 years old in 2024 and the parts of the columns they made fit the time period. The 1st photo has the new torso made from Spanish cedar installed under this column and the remaining torso beside it. All 9 are now installed. The 2nd photo is the same column with the rotted torso.
Keith Charles
Keith Charles
Justyn and the team at Turntech are top notch! It's a pleasure doing business with a local company that does quality work!
Prevo Cabinetry
Prevo Cabinetry
Great company to do business with, great communication, and reasonable lead time. The barley twist posts we ordered are beautiful!
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Lucas Edgy
Everything I ordered was top notch, well priced and on time. This is the only place I order my moldings from.