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Building or renovating a front porch starts with the posts. Not only do they perform the all-important job of supporting your roof, but these columns are a central focal point of the style you’re creating. To help you finalize the specifics of your design, we’re highlighting the most common front porch post sizes for both height and diameter.

At TurnTech, we’re a custom woodshop that builds and ships wood products all across the country. While we build a wide range of wood accents, porch posts are undeniably one of our signature items. Check out our front porch post size guide to find the right fit for your project and place your order when you’re ready!

Slim porch posts for decor and support


Common Wood Column & Post Sizes: Length & Width  

There are two distinct styles of porch posts, and each comes in slightly different standard sizes. The first type is the traditional porch post that has a slimmer profile and comes with squared bases and tops. The second type of posts is the classical wood column style, which are larger in diameter and feature a circular capital and base. These are the most common wood column sizes for each style:


Traditional Porch Post Sizes

Length: 8 feet is a standard length for the vast majority of porches, however 9-foot and 10-foot posts are popular custom options. We build up to 12-foot tall porch posts.

Width: 3.5 inches is the standard size for the squared base of the posts, while 5-inch wide columns are another common size. We have also custom built 4.25-inch, 5.5-inch, and 6-inch wide options are used in some designs.

In order for porch posts to be taller, they need to be designed with a wider base in order to support the added height. However, any style can be turned into all different porch post sizes. Discover some of our favorite front porch post ideas!

Decorative porch post sized to fit wrap around porch

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Wood Column Sizes

Length: When length is concerned, wood column sizes vary greatly – 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, 11 feet, and 12 feet long columns are all popular options.

Diameter: 8, 10, and 12 inches are the standard sizes. When columns are carved in a tapered style, the bottom two thirds of the column will be approximately 2 inches wider.

Column style porch posts can be carved with a variety of interesting patterns, including fluting, roping, and tapering. From both a visual and a practical standpoint, a bigger porch necessitates a larger column. Firstly, the columns are load bearing, so they need to be able to handle the weight of a larger porch roof. In addition, smaller columns will look out of place on a stately, southern style porch.

Classic front porch wood columns in entryway

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Interior Column Sizes & Uses

Homeowners often fall in love with the grand look of columns when re-designing their front porch, and then feel compelled to incorporate them throughout the interior of their homes as well. Creative designers use wooden columns in interior design in a huge variety of different rooms. These are the most common wooden column sizes for inside the home.

Length: While 8-feet is the most common length for a full-sized interior column, there are many designs that make use of half columns which tend to be 4-feet or 5-feet long.

Diameter: 6 inches in diameter is the by far the most common interior wood column size. Since interior columns are more likely to be decorative than load bearing, smaller diameters are possible.

Once again, our interior columns provide all of the same style options as exterior columns, meaning that our signature roping, fluting, and tapering can be used to enhance almost any room in your house.

Short wood column sized to use as kitchen island


Order Custom Front Porch Post Sizes

One of the things that truly sets TurnTech apart is our ability to custom craft nearly any design or style. So, if you want us to replicate a design currently on your porch, all we need is a picture or a sample. Plus, if you have a one-of-a-kind idea you’d like us to build, just send us a drawing and we’ll carve it for you. If you want to order custom front porch post sizes or bring your vision for unique styles to life, please reach out to our team!

Contact us today to discuss your project or place your order!

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