Unique Ways to Use Moulding for Interior Design

A truly classic home accent, moulding is a small feature that adds a huge impact in your home renovation. A versatile piece of decor, we’ve seen different styles of moulding used in numerous rooms throughout the home. These are some of the standout ways to use moulding for interior design during your renovation.

At TurnTech, we’re the nation’s leading wood turning manufacturer. We custom carve a large variety of wooden pieces from huge exterior columns to intricately detailed rope moulding. In addition to manufacturing unique wooden accents, we also want to serve as a resource during your home project. Read our blog to explore several ways to incorporate moulding for interior design in your home — or shop all of our moulding now.


5 Interior Trim Ideas

There are as many interior trim ideas and options as there are personal styles. Whether you’re replacing the current moulding features you have now or you’re accessorizing with a new trim design, these are some of the most effective ways to incorporate this classic feature.

1. Crown Moulding around Kitchen Ceiling

Interior trim ideas for ceiling

Hands down, this is one of the most impactful ways to use moulding for interior design. Placing this ornate trim around the ceiling sticks out very distinctly and is great to pair with gorgeous new wooden cabinets. While moulding tends to be somewhat of a niche style, crown moulding in the kitchen is a touch that most homeowners can appreciate.

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2. Rope Moulding for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Rope moulding for kitchen cabinets

Speaking of gorgeous kitchen cabinets, they make for another excellent place to incorporate a classic and intricate touch. Accessorizing your custom-built cabinets with intricate rope moulding enhances the look of each individual cabinet while building a regal feeling space. We can custom carve rope moulding to almost any specifications and less than half an inch in diameter. Learn more about accessorizing your kitchen with custom woodworking.

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3. Base Moulding in the Living Room

Crown moulding for living rooms

In the kitchen, the crown moulding takes center stage. in your living room remodel, the baseboard moulding adds a subtle touch. One of the most in-style ways to utilize moulding in your living room is around the baseboards. Use your moulding to build a sense of stylistic continuity by having the moulding run through multiple rooms.

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4. Ample Bathroom Options  

Rope moulding for bathroom accents

When it comes to incorporating trim ideas into a bathroom or powder room, you have lots of choices. Crown moulding can make for an eye-catching touch in a fairly simple bathroom. On the other hand, by having baseboard moulding in a bathroom pair with the moulding in the hallway, you create a more unified home design.

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5. Match Your Moulding   

Floor moulding around staircase

At heart, moulding is primarily an accessory meant to enhance the other design features you love. No matter the room in your house, you can find a way to pair base moulding with another complementary wooden feature. Some of the most popular choices include matching with beloved wooden furniture or custom wooden columns that you have throughout your design. If you send us a picture of your current moulding, wooden columns or furniture, we will be able to create custom moulding to match. See more about how to use wooden columns as part of your interior design.

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Truly Custom Woodworking from TurnTech

TurnTech is an ideal partner to provide woodworking for your home renovation since we can craft and carve almost anything. Whether you want us to design a series of showpiece wooden columns or you want us to design moulding for your intricate trim ideas, we can do it.

Chances are that if you send our woodcrafters a sample or picture of piece you’d like to replicate, we will be able to do so. This allows you to have truly one-of-a-kind wood accents throughout your interior design — or to recreate an extremely old and well-loved piece.


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At TurnTech, we have become the nation’s leading custom wood carving company as we combine the rare precision of a local craftsmen with the convenience of nationwide shipping. We work with people all across the United States to build the wood components and accents that complete their homes. From intricate touches like moulding for interior design and massive showpieces like wooden columns, we would love to work with you.

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