Wooden Home Accents for Your Renovation

Both traditionally rustic and ornamental aesthetics are earning ample home style headlines right now. While most people are happy with a few knick-knacks or a painted wooden sign – you want to build this home décor into your renovation. These built-in wooden home accents can accessorize practically any room in your home.

At TurnTech, we’re one of the nation’s leading wood turning manufacturers that crafts a wide range of custom wooden accessories for use all over your home. From our wooden balls to our signature columns and gorgeous crown moulding, our wood shop crafts almost any made-to-order piece you could need. Keep reading to explore wood home accents to incorporate in your renovation – and start shopping!


Custom Wooden Décor Options

Almost any room of the house can be enhanced with a bold or subtle piece of custom wooden décor. Building those pieces into the design itself makes them feel more a part of your home and your design aesthetic than a found ornament sitting on a shelf. We’re highlighting some unique examples and showcasing how they can complete your renovation:


Wooden Balls

  • One of the most versatile wooden home accessories, these Maple, Poplar, or Oak balls can be used in a wide range of art projects and staircase designs. The most common ways to incorporate them into a renovation are as one-of-a-kind toppers for Newell posts and porch railing posts. By bringing this custom element to your renovation, you make an ordinary part of the home into an interest-grabbing conversation starter.


Floating Shelves 

  • Simple and elegant, yet truly rustic at the same, these floating shelves are a fantastic addition when redesigning a room. By keeping the brackets or connectors hidden from view, these shelves maintain the “floating” look and have an unobtrusive profile. They can come either finished or unfinished and are extremely easy to install. Whether you want to use them as a touch in your farmhouse kitchen or you intend them for display in your living room, they are a great and affordable wooden home accent.


Staircase Upgrades 

  • Upgrading a staircase is an underrated but effective way to bring your beloved ornate or rustic style to the forefront of your renovation. When it comes to using your staircase to showoff custom wooden décor, you have options. Accessorize something small like the stair tread or the handrail – or make a huge style splash with custom-carved Newell posts or balusters. Whatever you imagine, we’ll custom carve it for you! See more staircase remodel ideas.



  • A true staple of home renovation, this piece of custom wooden décor adds beauty and intricacy to almost any room in the house. Ornamental crown moulding stands out as the one of the best ways to bring a formal touch to rooms such as kitchens or living rooms – we offer numerous styles of gorgeous crown moulding and can also create something unique just for you. A more subtle option, bringing baseboard moulding to a powder room or a living room can be a fantastic choice, too.


Interior Columns

  • One of TurnTech’s signature pieces of custom wooden décor, our custom turned columns can be the focal point of multiple rooms and pieces in your renovation. These columns can look absolutely regal when accompanying a central fireplace or a home theater. However, they can also be used to visually separate a large room into distinct spaces with a rustic or classical flair. Since custom turned wood posts are one of our specialties, we offer a truly enormous range of style from fluted, to roped, and so much more.


Porch Posts  

  • If you’re upgrading your front porch, you have an option for a truly showstopping piece of custom wooden décor. Bringing attractive and eye-catching posts to your front porch makes an impact that the whole neighborhood will notice. Whether you prefer more of the rustic cottage style or a grand plantation look, we build the posts to match. If you have the opportunity to bring this wooden home accent to your porch, we highly recommend it – see 5 fantastic front porches!


True Customization Available

For the vast majority of homeowners, contactors, and designers, one of our wooden home accents is the perfect match for their dream space. We’ve been carving for decades and have plenty of designs for you to choose from. However, true custom wooden décor is always an option for every client for any project. In most cases, all you need to do is send us an example or picture of the style you want us to build and we’ll be able to make something exactly identical. If you have any more questions about our 100% custom carving, reach out today!

If you’re ready for more inspiration, check out our project gallery!


Buy Wooden Home Accents

If any of these wooden home accents caught your eye, place your order right now. We offer total online shopping for any of our standard pieces and back it up with nationwide shipping. While we may be dedicated to the traditional art of wood crafting, we’re a 21st century business that serves you with 21st century convenience. Start shopping everything for your renovation from TurnTech!

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Wonderful work, great communication. Highly recommend.
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Gordon Hall
Turntech made a difference in the final look by providing the wood moulding I needed to refinish an antique pool table. They were the only place I could find the red oak with the style and size that most closely matched. Further they credited me back for the set up costs since they had what I needed in stalk. Highly recommended! Thanks Turntech!!
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Adam Phillips
I ordered a bunch of corbels for a large bar I was building. Their prices were great and they shipped quickly. Communication was great as well. I was very pleased with what I received and would definitely purchase from them again in the future.
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Justin Prior
Excellent quality product and prompt, pleasant communication prior to completing our order. 5 stars !Mary at Encore Upholstery Studio, LLC
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Mary Opila
We have ordered our custom turned wood shapes now for years and by the thousands. Very happy with the quality and service.
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