6 Big Ways to Use Small Wooden Balls for Crafts

Calling all crafters – this one’s for you! You’ve heard about writer’s block, but what about artist’s block? If your think tank is running low on new, creative craft ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Discover some of our favorite creations built using small wooden balls for crafts.


Wooden Ball Craft Ideas for the Home

Using wooden balls for crafts is a trend that is picking up speed, and at TurnTech, we’re happy to roll with it. Check out some of our favorite crafts made with wooden balls of all sizes to get inspired and get crafty!

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A completely customized wooden ball craft makes for the perfect inexpensive gift for a friend – or for yourself. Take a look at a few of our example ideas below that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing:

A Painted Globe

  • Our first painted wooden ball idea truly is out of this world. Find a free online stencil, secure it onto the ball, and use your color of choice to paint over the ball. After it dries, and the stencil is removed, you’ll be left with a stunning globe that can be proudly displayed in any room, on any mantel, or at any classroom! TIP: Spray paint or acrylic paint will coat your wooden ball evenly, so choose whichever you are most comfortable with using for this craft.

A True Blank Slate

  • It’s time for your style to take center stage! With a creative mind and a stroke of paint, you’ve got everything you need to create a beautiful painted wood ball like this one. For an artist looking for a unique way to showcase their talents, moreover a cloth canvas or white sketchpad, our wooden balls are the perfect solution. Get your creative juices flowing and pick up a brush! The possibilities for your painted wooden ball are endless.

Futuristic Furniture

  • Modern minimalist design meets organic natural elements in this next DIY project. Thinking on a bit of a larger scale, our premier wooden balls for crafts are large enough to even be used for furniture! We love this gravity defying coffee table idea from Little Piece of Me. While this example uses one centered wooden ball, you can also utilize 4 of the same sized balls for table legs for a more balanced approach.

A Rustic Chandelier

  • Having maximum ambitions on modest budget isn’t always a bad thing – if you’ve got a little creativity to go with it! Our next craft idea using wooden balls is an elegant chandelier. We’re a huge fan of this idea because it can help translate your creativity with practical, living style. While there are tons of styles, ideas, and sizes out there, here is one example we love made by Tater Tots & Jello with small wooden balls.

Painted Wooden Ball Ornaments  

  • A painted wooden ball is the perfect holiday ornament for DIY-ers of any age. It doesn’t get much simpler than this: start by selecting your preferred wooden ball size and paint colors. Then, after painting the ball exactly how you like, attach hooks and string for hanging! Here is some inspiration from Lia Griffith to get you started designing your own. TIP: For straight lines like in the photo, use painter’s tape to section of your design. After the paint is dry, remove the tape to find a clean, painted line! 

Unique Home Decor  

  • For beautiful painted wooden balls that can be displayed all year round, try this next craft! Like idea #5, paint your wooden balls to your liking, but skip the step regarding the hook and string. Place your new painted wooden balls in a basket, on a table, or beside your favorite books for a conversation-starting centerpiece! TIP: Mix and match wooden ball sizes for a modern aesthetic to your ensemble. 

Choosing the Right Wooden Ball Size & Species

At TurnTech, we offer a world of wood species, some of which include Red Oak, Poplar, and Maple. With all the options available at your fingertips, it may feel overwhelming trying to decide on a wooden ball size and type for your next project.

It’s important to keep in mind that Poplar and Maple are by far our most common wooden balls for crafts because both species take to paint and stain extraordinarily. So, if you are about to recreate a craft requiring a paint job, keep this tip in consideration! In addition, the Mahogany wooden balls that are made-to-order are a good choice for exterior wooden ball projects.


Order Your Large & Small Wooden Balls for Crafts

Now that you’ve chosen one (or a few) of the wood ball crafts from our list, it’s time to get your materials together – starting with the wooden balls! TurnTech is the Lancaster, PA wood turning team with dozens of skilled craftsmen and a passion for old-world workmanship. Tell us what you need and let’s get started!

And don’t forget to send us some pictures of your TurnTech wooden ball crafts!


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