7 Front Porch Curb Appeal Ideas

Changing your front porch can change your entire home. More than almost any other upgrade or addition, renovating your porch creates the most curb appeal. Inspiration starts right here with these 7 big and small front porch curb appeal ideas that can transform your entire home!

At Turntech, we’re America’s custom woodshop, serving coast to coast with authentic hardwood quality. Since porch columns and other wood accents are such popular fixtures on many beautiful porches, we’re often involved in helping homeowners craft one-of-a-kind porches. Keep reading as we’re showcasing some of our favorite front porch curb appeal ideas – and giving you the option to shop everything right here!


Curb Appeal Updates for Your Porch

Whether you’re updating your porch because it has seen better days – or simply because you have a new vision for it – these ideas may be perfect for you. From small additions to full overhauls, you’ll find it here among these amazing curb appeal updates:



spring curb appeal update

This is one of the best front porch curb appeal ideas for creating an ornamental feel. Brackets that connect the porch columns to the porch are an ideal place to add classical charm. These wooden brackets can range from extremely delicately carved works of art to simple yet striking accessories. Whichever style you choose, adding them to your porch is simple and adds a beautiful piece of detail. We build a wide range of different bracket styles and can always custom design something just for you.

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Hanging Plants

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Injecting color into an otherwise monochromatic design can be game-changing. Hanging potted plants from the porch ceiling, overhand or posts brings a pop of color and a touch of life to the entire space. One of the best design ideas involves matching the color of the flowers you choose to a piece of trim somewhere on the house. This curb appeal update is extremely easy to execute – all you need to do is screw some hooks into your porch and make a trip to a local greenhouse!


Porch Posts

porch posts on front porch

Upgrading your porch posts is quite possibly the single most-effective way to transform any porch. Those prominent porch columns don’t just hold up your roof, but they also set the visual tone for the entire space. From contemporary rectangular posts to ornate fluted columns, you have near-endless possibilities to update your curb appeal with porch posts. In addition, if your porch posts are starting to rot or fall apart, replacing them is as much a matter of safety as it is of home style.

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Spring Cleaning

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Sometimes the best thing you can do to breathe new life into a space is to clean it up. One of our easiest to handle curb appeal updates, a thorough cleaning can dramatically improve your home. Removing dirt, grime, and mildew eliminates unsightly blotches, while improving the coloring of your home altogether. Whether you do the work by hand or you power wash it, make sure that you don’t harm your house with water pressure or chemicals (especially if you live in a historic home).



curb appeal update for southern style home

For porches with handrails, the spindles present a huge opportunity to add to the character of your space. In many cases, the spindles that support the railing are drab and ordinary. Make them extraordinary to really reinvent your curb appeal! We’ve seen porch spindles painted a beautiful accent color or turned to match the porch columns, as well as countless other styles. If you’re renovating the majority of your porch, new spindles are a must!



curb appeal updated with flag

Here’s another front porch curb appeal idea that provides much needed color to your porch. By installing one or more flag holders on the front of your home or onto your sturdy porch post, you give yourself the ability to accessorize while making your house more attractive. While a classic American flag never looks out of place, some homeowners prefer to accessorize with seasonal flags.


Newell Posts

front porch ideas for spring

If your porch has a staircase with a banister leading up to it, then you have the opportunity to incorporate one more showstopping touch. The Newell post is the term for the prominent column that anchors the top and bottom of a stair handrail. Much like the porch columns, upgrading this feature adds a striking style. Whether your new Newell post is thick and square or slender and tapered, this is a curb appeal update that adds a distinct style to your whole porch!

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Custom Turning Everything You Need

One of the reasons that Turntech is trusted across the country is because we have the ability to custom carve almost anything your design calls for. Whether you want to replicate a style that’s part of your current space or you want to build something unique, we can do it. This means that whatever woodworking you envision for your curb appeal, we can make it a reality!

We make it easy to get the custom woodworking your project needs.  For one, we offer easy online ordering and nationwide shipping. Plus, our new custom woodworking calculator gives you an estimate of what your custom project will cost.

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Bring These Front Porch Curb Appeal Ideas   

When you’re ready to make one or more of these front porch curb appeal ideas a reality, we’re here to help. Whether you need porch posts, Newells, spindles, brackets, or any other piece of woodworking, we can build it.

If you have questions or want to discuss your project, please reach out to our team right here!

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