Exploring the Cost of Porch Columns

When renovating your front porch, the columns are one of the most important pieces – and they can be one of the biggest parts of your budget. Learning more about the cost of porch columns can be a crucial first step to planning your project. Explore what prices look like for some of the most popular column styles.

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodshop that ships our pieces nationwide. Porch posts and columns are some of our signature items. Here’s your chance check the cost of porch columns, get more information, and even place your order!


Real Porch Column Prices

The three factors that have the biggest impact on porch column prices are the size of the column, the style of the carving, and the type of wood. Explore the most popular styles of posts that show the price range of each column for the time of writing in Spring 2022:


Budget Porch Posts

Budget-friendly porch column

For those looking for the lowest porch column prices, this is your best option. Our budget porch posts are made of solid hardwood and are the perfect height and strength to elevate your porch roof. The no-frills style is just a standard rectangular shape, but the exterior can be painted or stained any color you like.


Traditional Porch Posts

Affordable traditional porch columns cost

A very popular choice for renovating a front porch, posts of this size and price point deliver a variety of options. All of these posts feature decorative turning, such as beading, tapering, or chamfering. These visual accents help to give your space a truly distinct character. These are a great choice when updating porch columns to have more ornate qualities.


Mahogany Porch Posts

Mahogany porch column cost

These posts are identical to the standard options above – however, they are crafted out of gorgeous mahogany. While all of our hardwood is durable and beautiful, mahogany is highly desirable for its one-of-a-kind look. Mahogany also is very naturally resistant to rot, making it a great choice for exterior spaces. That is why we often recommend homeowners choose mahogany for porch projects!


Extra Wide Porch Posts

Extra wide porch post price

While our standard porch posts are certainly wide enough to support almost all porch ceilings, some homeowners want a wider look. Choosing 5 inches for the diameter of your posts delivers extra width plus extra strength. However, this more than doubles the porch column price compared to a traditional option.


Traditional Column-Style Porch Posts

traditional column style porch posts prices

Our column-style porch posts have a rounded profile and all-around regal presence to them. These columns are wider yet are often built to the 8-foot height. The cost of porch columns like these is often higher than the square post style. This traditional column will be straight, not tapered, and won’t have carving or turning on the face of the column.


Roped Column

Roped porch column price sheet

Our roped columns have an elegant carving running down the face of the column that creates the appearance of coiled rope. This delicate carving adds a unique feel to the entire space and will certainly prove to be an eye-catching feature. This style is particularly popular when crafting an elegant historical look.


Tapered Fluted Columns

Cost of tapered fluted columns

One of the most elaborate columns we craft, this design stands out due to the deep fluting running the length of the column. In addition, this style features a taper, which means the column is more narrow at the top and widens at the bottom. All of these detailed touches mean that this has one of highest porch column prices. One of our most extravagant designs, these columns are sure to be a conversation piece of your new porch.

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While these are a few popular options for you to bring to your home, the possibilities are endless. You can mix and match the style, the wood species, and the size to meet your perfect design. See and shop our full inventory of wooden columns.


Custom Carving for You

Craftsmen home with porch columns

At Turntech, we have the ability to mimic nearly any wooden design or wooden piece we see. So, if your porch has a rotten post that requires replacement, we can make an exact duplicate for you. All we need is a few pictures of what you want to copy.

However, we can custom design far more than replicas of other posts. You can also work with our designers to envision and create a totally custom design for your porch or your home.

Start custom quoting your project right here!


Finalize the Cost of Porch Columns for Your Project

If you’re ready to lock in the cost of porch columns for your project, there’s two ways to do that. You have the ability to shop 100% online so you can fill your cart and check out. And of course, if you want to ask questions and get a custom quote, you can contact our experts and complete your order when you’re ready!

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