How to Update Front Porch Columns

Fixing up or replacing old, outdated porch columns is a serious project – but it’s 100% worth the time investment. Updating front porch posts can have an enormous effect on the style and curb appeal of your home. In this blog, we’re breaking down how to update front porch columns.

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodturning company that specializes in wooden porch posts. When it comes time to update your front porch pillars, you can make small updates that change the look of the post – or fully replace them for an even bigger impact. While Turntech shines with porch post replacement, we’re giving the information about both options!

Small home with renovated porch pillars


How to Update Front Porch Pillars: Renovation

If your columns are structurally sound and you still like the post style, you may want to merely renovate the posts rather than replace them. This is a smaller and more budget-friendly project, but the results can still be stunning. Here’s what you can do:

Renovations for Updating Front Porch Pillars

  • Repaint or Re-stain – Over time your columns very likely will lose the stain they had when new. One of the best ways to make the entire space look new is to restore the finish. Not only is this one of our favorite ideas for how to update front porch pillars, but it can also keep them protected from mold, too.
  • Add Corbels – This is one of the most interesting of our ideas for how to update front porch columns. These wooden add-ons will bring a classical flair to your porch. Corbels – or brackets – are wooden accents that connect the porch columns to the porch roof. With multiple ornate styles to choose from, adding corbels to your posts can dramatically enhance the look of your space. At Turntech we also sell a wide range of gorgeous wooden corbels – starting at $12 piece!
  • Try a Different Color Scheme – While a solid paint or stain color scheme is the most common choice for porch posts, an interesting color scheme can be the eye-catching x-factor you’ve been waiting for. Painting the entire column a different color can bring fresh excitement to your curb appeal – bonus points if you match an accent color on your home! Another popular color option involves adding one or more bands of colored paint around the posts or columns themselves. This is a simple touch that can add a whole new dimension to the space.
  • Remedy Mold – Keeping a consistent coat of paint or stain on your wood columns is crucial to preventing rot and mold. However, if you lapsed in your maintenance of the columns and they developed mold, removing it is one of the most important things you can do as part of updating porch columns. Learn more about how to handle a rotten porch post.


Full Porch Post Replacement

Updating your front porch posts can be a fantastic way to improve the look of your home and the safety of your porch. However, replacing the posts entirely can be essential in some cases.

For example, if one of the posts has been severely damaged and is no longer able to safely support the porch roof, replacing it is necessary. If your posts are fairly old, it’s often better to install brand new columns that will look better and last for decades to come – rather than trying to get a few more years out of something that’s seen better days.

Front porch post replacement style

Another advantage to upgrading to brand new posts is that you can completely reinvent the porch style. For example, if you have a standard style of pillar posts, you have the option to switch to larger and more formal column style posts – or vice versa. Even if you keep the same porch post type, you can enhance your home’s style by having us add tapering or other beautiful turned touches.

Looking for inspiration? See pictures of front porch columns and posts!


Best of Both Worlds: Replace Some, Upgrade Others

Now you have a better idea of how to update front porch columns and just how outstanding it can look. For many renovations, the best strategy is to simply fix up the posts that are in good shape while replacing the ones that truly need it. Turntech is a great partner for this work – we give you the ability to replace almost ANY post with an identical piece!

Small porch pillars renovated in white

If you’re interested in transforming your porch this year, we encourage you to reach out to our team. Not only are we the source for all of the gorgeous wooden pieces for your renovation, but our team can help you finalize your design! Contact us to ask any questions and to place your order!

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