Porch Column Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

Custom columns are the x-factor that makes porches so eye-catching. We’re showcasing the most popular porch columns that you can choose from when upgrading, repairing, or redesigning your front porch. Discover the difference between colonial porch columns, modern porch columns, and craftsman porch columns – and find the exact perfect style that’s right for your project.

At TurnTech, we’re a national custom wood shop that builds a wide variety of custom wood pieces – and columns are one of our signature items. Each of the porch column styles we’re featuring has its own aesthetic and distinct profile as well as the houses it looks best alongside. Reach out right now to design a custom column – and keep reading to discover your options:


Colonial Porch Columns

Traditional porch posts on beautiful brick home

For many people, this porch column style is exactly what they envision when they think about porch pillars. Colonial porch columns tend to be much larger and taller than modern options. In addition, this historical-style column allows for a much more elaborate design than modern options. On colonial columns, you can expect to see a larger taper and ornate fluting down the length of the column.

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Mid-Century Modern Porch Columns

Mid century modern porch posts

This simple and attractive porch column style can enhance a wide range of houses – from contemporary colonials to the namesake mid-century modern homes. The highlights of mid-century modern porch columns are their simple square shape and no-frills design – without tapering. When it comes to this minimal style, chamfered posts are about as complicated of a detail as you’ll see. However, for many homes, mid-century modern porch columns are the perfect replacement.

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Craftsman Porch Columns

Craftsman home with porch columns

As one of the signatures of craftsman style homes, craftsman-style porch columns are a fantastic option for many different homes. However, as this style of home has gained popularity, the column has also earned more attention than ever before. These pieces typically feature a square profile that tapers to a wide base. Compared to the square modern columns, craftsman columns will be much more ornamental, with indentations and patterns being fairly common.

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What True Custom Carving Means for Your Project

At TurnTech we are a true custom woodshop, which means that if you can dream a design, chances are very good that we can make it for you. This can be very important when you’re designing something custom or trying to exactly match another piece. Oftentimes, clients will send our woodworkers a picture or example of exactly what they want us to make – and we’ll be able to match it perfectly. When it comes to renovating a porch, this is helpful for matching the exact pattern on a colonial porch column or replicating the exact taper on a craftsman-style porch column.

However, we don’t offer this style matching for just columns, but for many other of our wood pieces as well, including ornamental table legs, custom staircases, and much more! If you have any questions about if we can carve or turn a custom piece for you, simply reach out and ask!


Shop All of these Porch Column Styles and More

Round porch columns on historic home

While TurnTech may be dedicated to the old-fashioned art of wood carving and turning, we offer our customers the 21st century convenience they expect. The first thing to know is that we provide shipping all across the country for all our pieces and items. Next, we also offer full online shopping for our complete product line to make your life easier.

However, just because we offer super-easy online shopping, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to an expert on the phone. If you have any questions about these porch column styles, or anything else, give us a call or send us a message. Reach out right now to get more information or to get a quote!


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