Renovating Your Southern Style Porch

Historic southern style houses are some of the most beautiful homes ever built in this country. If you have the privilege of living in one, then you understand the care and attention that were built into almost every single detail. One of the most prominent features of these antebellum homes is their gorgeous southern style wrap-around front porches.

If you own one of these homes and you’re planning an exterior renovation, you’ll want to match the same level of care and artistry that the original featured. At TurnTech, we’re here to help, providing you with wrap-around porch ideas — and the custom wood carving to bring them to life.


Wrap-Around Porch Ideas for Southern Style Homes

These stunning southern style porches serve to provide a second-to-none outdoor living space — and they give antebellum homes their distinct look. As a homeowner, you want your renovation to honor the original space while giving it new life. These are the wrap-around porch ideas and features that we often build for our clients:

Large Columns

The hallmark of a southern style porch, prominent custom columns enhance the entire space with a regal atmosphere. Generally, the columns used for wrap-around porches are round and smooth with a tapered design. In addition, you’ll often see a carved cap at the top of the piece. At TurnTech, we have the ability to custom carve a wide variety of wood columns — and we can even build to match your existing pieces.

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Arched Moulding around Doorways

Intricate is in if you’re designing for a southern style wrap-around porch. Adding highly-detailed moulding around the windows or doorways of the home brings another degree of intricacy to your space . Whether you want to exactly match the original pattern or build something original, TurnTech is one of the few wood carving companies nationwide that has the tools and skills to do it.

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Railing Between Columns

Working in conjunction with wooden columns, building handrails and footrails between them are an often included in wrap-around porch ideas. From the top rail to the spindles, this helps to create the timeless look of southern architecture. We can carve every aspect of the railing to match the original — or to showcase a unique design of your choosing.

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Newell Posts & Handrails on a Stairway

Whether your home’s southern style porch is one or two stories, there’s almost certainly a staircase attached to it. As one of the focal points of your porch, you can utilize the staircase to showcase more of the intricate woodwork that’s synonymous with the antebellum style. Some of our porch ideas for doing this involve accessorizing with custom handrails and intricately cut Newell posts.

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Beaded Board Ceiling

A true showstopper you can only see when sitting on the porch itself. A beaded board ceiling creates a true classic look. This is one of the wrap-around porch ideas that really displays the genuine feel of your renovation.

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Tongue & Groove Wood Floor

Modern deck boards are built out of composite or vinyl and they look perfectly good — but “good” is not what you’re going for. If you want to complete your porch renovation the authentic way, you want to utilize a true tongue-and-groove wood floor. These hardwood floors have an absolutely one-of-a-kind style, and they speak to the true historic southern style you want.

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The Custom Woodcarving Advantage 

At TurnTech, we’re a custom woodworking company that has earned recognition as one of the premier suppliers for historic renovations. Our team has the ability to exactly match and reproduce extremely intricate patterns for columns, mouldings, and so much more.

Learn more about historic front porch restoration.

Our expertise allows homeowners to match the precise pattern when replacing a single piece of their historic home or restoring the entire space. If you have any questions about whether we can match something, please reach out for a conversation!


Partner with TurnTech for Your Southern Style Porch Renovation

You are taking your southern style porch renovation extremely seriously. You appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the space. You need to work with a company that does the same. At TurnTech, we will provide you all the custom woodworking pieces that complete your porch.

We ship our products nationwide, meaning you can start shopping today! However, if you have any questions about what you need to bring your wrap-around porch ideas to life, we’d love to talk. Contact us to start the conversation today!

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