How to Replace Porch Posts with an Identical Piece

A charming porch is often the part of your home décor you’re most proud of – especially if its historically accurate. However, a damaged or rotting porch post can threaten the beautiful look you cultivated as well as the safety of the space. At Turntech, we make replacing a porch post with an identical copy both possible and easy for you.

Turntech is a custom woodworking company that crafts one-of-a-kind pieces and ships them all over the country. Custom porch columns and posts are one of our signature items, and our team has the ability to match your exact column – without ever seeing it in person. Learn more about your options and the process of replacing porch posts with an identical piece.


How to Design Wood Porch Columns with Turntech

If only one or two columns are damaged, there’s no reason to have the replacement stick out like a sore thumb or to replace all of them. That’s an expense you don’t need, and there’s no reason to change the design you love. Plus, depending on if you live in a historical district, building codes might not even allow it. That’s why the ability to make an exact copy is such a game-changer. Learn how to design wood porch columns with the Turntech team:


We’re breaking down everything you need to know:

  • Take and Send Pictures – First we need to see your current columns from every angle. This allows our team to determine a ballpark price for replacing the porch posts will be. In addition, if there is some reason that we couldn’t duplicate these columns, we would be able to tell you right away. While we are able to copy the vast majority of posts, extremely detailed hand carving on the cap or base may be impossible to exactly copy.
  • Send a Sample & Dimensions – If you are able to cut off and send us a portion of the rotted porch post, that can prove invaluable to our woodworkers. Generally, try to cut off a piece that shows both the rounded and square parts of your piece. In addition, you’ll send dimensions along at this point. This step of how to design wood porch columns is helpful as it gives our team as much to work with as possible. However, we can almost always make the copy with the pictures alone.
  • Look over Blueprints – Before we begin carving, we send highly-detailed blueprints of what your new piece will look like. We encourage you to cross reference these blueprints against the design of your current columns. Once we have your approval, we start carving the replacement posts to match your design. See pictures of front porch columns we crafted recently.
  • Receive and Install Columns – Once we build your columns, we ship them to you anywhere in the country. Some extremely handy homeowners may choose to replace the columns on their own, while many work with a skilled local contractor. Depending on where in the country you live, we may have a connection with a trusted local team!

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Offering a Large Selection of Custom Wood Products

While replacing porch posts is one of our specialties, we craft a wide range of high-quality wood products for whole home renovations, too. Another popular project in historic homes is to renovate or repair the staircases – and our team carves a wide range of accessories to complete these remodels. Our intricate moulding comes in a wide range of styles and is a popular choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and more. For DIY focused homeowners, our wooden balls and easy-install floating selves prove to be outstanding projects that can add beauty throughout your home!


Talk to Us about Replacing a Porch Post  

Now you know how to design porch posts with Turntech and how it easy it is – so don’t wait! The first step to restoring your beloved porch is a conversation with our team. We’re standing by to discuss your project and your next steps. Fill out a form or give us a call – we’re excited to work with you!

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I ordered a bunch of corbels for a large bar I was building. Their prices were great and they shipped quickly. Communication was great as well. I was very pleased with what I received and would definitely purchase from them again in the future.
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Justin Prior
Excellent quality product and prompt, pleasant communication prior to completing our order. 5 stars !Mary at Encore Upholstery Studio, LLC
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Mary Opila
We have ordered our custom turned wood shapes now for years and by the thousands. Very happy with the quality and service.
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Clay Stamps
High quality and good customer service. I won't go anywhere else with my business.
Lyle Martin
Lyle Martin
They did superior project for the columns on my front porch. The house will be 100 years old in 2024 and the parts of the columns they made fit the time period. The 1st photo has the new torso made from Spanish cedar installed under this column and the remaining torso beside it. All 9 are now installed. The 2nd photo is the same column with the rotted torso.
Keith Charles
Keith Charles