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The beauty of a true Victorian home often begins right at the front porch. Whether you’re proud of the one on your home now but need to repair it, or you’d love to build one, you need to find the perfect posts. Victorian porch posts are a hallmark of this aesthetic, while doing the practical job of supporting the expansive porch roof. Explore what makes for real Victorian columns – and shop for them right here!

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At Turntech, we’re a manufacturer of custom wood turnings, and these traditional porch posts are one of our specialties. We offer a wide range of posts that have the classic look you need to complete your porch. However, we also have the ability to custom craft almost any design you want to see. To make sure your new posts are accurate to the style you love, discover the key traits of Victorian porch posts and see some gorgeous examples.


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7 Traits of Victorian-Style Decorative Wooden Posts 

Victorian architecture incorporates a high degree of detailed work into almost every aspect of the design. This multifaceted style is what makes this aesthetic so captivating to those who love it – and is why you can’t just swap in a generic, hardware store product. These are the hallmark traits of decorative wooden posts that fulfill this classic style:


Traits of Decorative Wooden Posts:

  • Beading – Nearly every Victorian porch post we build will feature some amount of beading (the thin indentation around the circumference of the column). Beading is often used in multiple places throughout the post itself. This touch provides an added feature that you’ll appreciate up close and contributes to the detail-rich aesthetic style.
  • Tapering – Tapering is another nearly universal trait of these decorative wooden posts. Whether the taper is subtle or distinct, authentic Victorian posts almost always feature this style. This creates a unique profile for the attention-drawing posts and your space as a whole.
  • Ornamental Brackets or Corbels – The brackets or corbels that connect the decorative porch railings to the trim of the porch roof are one more place to show off your design style. When it comes to Victorian posts, we recommend an ornate, wing-like wooden bracket jutting out from both sides. The design options for this accessory are just as varied as anywhere else – you can choose between fluted, weaved, and custom carved looks to name a few.
  • Square Top and Bottom – Another consistent trait you’ll see in these porch posts is a squared top and bottom of each railing. The height of this section and any carving or beveling on it may differ, but it is a trademark of this design. The square bottom in particular is crucial for tying the posts both physically – and stylistically – with the Victorian porch railings.
  • Rounded Middle – While the base and top will almost certainly be squared, expect the main middle section to be rounded. This makes for an elegant profile and allows for very decorative carving. On the other hand, a fully squared post is a trait of a contemporary post instead.
  • Matches with the Railing – Victorian porch railings and posts are often designed together to share a similar or identical theme. In fact, when doing a full porch renovation, you can have the railing balusters match the precise stye of your posts for a fully integrated design. We also custom craft balusters and railings for porches and stairs.
  • Painted Finish – Although some Victorian posts may be stained and will still be true to the style, the majority of projects we see are finished with paint. Oftentimes an attractive and neutral base color covers the decorative porch posts while an accent color is painted to put emphasis around specific design features like beading. Since porch columns are a big part of your home curb appeal, bringing in a color, rather than a stain, is often the preferred option.


Victorian Porch Railings and So Much More

Victorian porch railings are one of the other sought-after accessories when upgrading traditional and historic porches – this is one of our specialties. However, that is just the beginning of the wood products we can craft to complete your renovation. Brackets and corbels that connect the posts to the porch go hand-in-hand with the decorative porch posts themselves. We can also craft everything from custom wooden molding for use on the porch itself to wooden balls that accessorize the stairs or railings. Bottom line: we want you and your contractor to think of Turntech as a one stop shop!

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When you’re ready to get started, Turntech is ready to serve you. We have a wide range of popular porch posts and porch columns that fit the Victorian style. However, as a custom woodshop, we can create unique Victorian porch posts that fit your sense of style.

You can either start shopping online – or you can reach out to our team to commission a custom piece and get your quote! We offer nationwide delivery on all products we craft, ensuring that we can build for you no matter where you live. Contact us to start the conversation right now!


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