7 Ideas for Wooden Column Interior Design in Your Home

From ornate elegance to modern simplicity, nothing compares to the look of a custom wood column. The problem, though, is that most home builders have stopped incorporating these stunning statement pieces — or any custom woodworks — on new builds on both the inside and the outside of the homes.

However, more and more homeowners are recognizing the beauty of wooden column interior design. This trend is picking up speed, and we want you to be onboard. Keep reading for inspiration on how to incorporate indoor decorative columns into your own interior design.

Indoor Decorative Columns for Every Room

When most people think of wooden columns, they often think of wooden columns for historic front porches or exterior walkways. That’s one of their main uses, but it’s not the only one — columns belong as part of interior design, too.  Indoor decorative columns have transformed necessary structural support into highlights of interior design. If you love the look of wooden columns and have been looking for a way to incorporate them into your home, keep reading to find real and affordable answers!

Grand entrance with white columns and staircase

Interior designers and trendy homeowners agree, a foyer’s grandeur is elevated with one simple feature – an indoor decorative column! When it comes to the grand entrance of your home, there are lots of options with column placement. Keeping solid columns near the sides of the room can create an open floor plan and can provide an unforgettable first impression.

PRO TIP: There are two main purposes for indoor decorative columns: to support the structure (load bearing), or to support your style (non-load bearing). No matter if you need a load bearing or a non-load bearing column, TurnTech can custom build one that fits your needs!


Interior design using columns on fireplace

Your fireplace should be the focal point of the room, but it might not be living up to its full potential! For a regal look, complement your fireplace with the authenticity of a pair of wooden columns.

Whether your current mantel is focused on timeless details or the simplicity of twenty-first century design, we can custom create any column to match your existing ensemble or to update it.


In-home theater with custom cabinetry and columns

Wooden column interior design doesn’t have to stop at the main entryway. If plans to add a home theatre are in your future, plans for an indoor decorative column should be, too! A full-sized wooden column on either side beautifully frames the projection wall or TV screen with a symmetrical aesthetic better than any public movie theater.

PRO TIP: We typically recommend using a dark wood stain to avoid interference with the visual projection of your home theatre

Dining room with white columns

When walking down a hallway or through the entrance of a room, interior columns express classic hospitality. Have our team create a half column/ half wall combo that will welcome guests into your study, basement, dining room, or foyer! Merging the classic half-design with a beautiful custom turning pattern or archway gives the whole home that extra touch of class.

See more half column interior design ideas in our photo gallery!


Wooden column as table leg

Wood column interior design is versatile, which means full standing beams are just the beginning! Although these master-crafted columns have enough beauty to let them stand out on their own, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and complement other practical furnishings of your home.

One of the most innovative ways to utilize a column is to use it as a pedestal for a round table or kitchen island leg. Although the photo below showcases a wide, short column as the table’s leg, nearly any size column (that can withstand the weight of the tabletop) will suffice! If you have a square or rectangular table, consider using 4 smaller round or square columns as legs!

Columns in the interior dining room of home

The popularity of open living spaces has gained massive momentum during the past few years. The idea of fewer walls and more space is desired by homeowners, but continuing the elegant feel without borders can be challenging – and leave your room looking incomplete. Filling empty space with minimalistic white columns exemplifies the broadened view AND adds a touch of character.

PRO TIP: Plan your furniture layout around your wooden column interior design. Don’t be afraid to really plan ahead in this area in order to make your columns the focal point of the space!

Built-in bookshelves with wooden columns

Anybody can have a bookshelf in their home, but only the truly creative have a bookshelf with wooden interior columns accessorizing it.

The bookshelf pictured above features a long custom turned wooden column from TurnTech on either side of the piece that frames the shelves. Because we custom turn every indoor decorative column by hand in our Lancaster County shop, we can make any style, size, and shape column you prefer!


TurnTech’s Unique Wooden Column Interior Design

Now that your imagination has been sparked, we would love to help you take those ideas and turn them into reality. Whether you’re interested in updating your fireplace or renovating your dining room, we will gladly turn a custom indoor decorative column for your needs!

At TurnTech, we’re proud of who we are and what we do! Every one of our wooden columns are handcrafted by Lancaster County natives with hearts for woodworking. With careful precision and high attention to detail, we guarantee you a final product you’ll love!

Get started today by giving us a call or filling out a short form for a free, no-obligation price quote!

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Lyle Martin
They did superior project for the columns on my front porch. The house will be 100 years old in 2024 and the parts of the columns they made fit the time period. The 1st photo has the new torso made from Spanish cedar installed under this column and the remaining torso beside it. All 9 are now installed. The 2nd photo is the same column with the rotted torso.
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Keith Charles
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