Crown Moulding Cost & Styles Explored

A timeless touch of interior decor, crown moulding can be a popular (and affordable) part of a home remodel. Placed where the wall meets the ceiling, moulding makes a bland part of the wall into one more place to showcase your sense of style. Whether you’re tackling a full in-home remodel or just making a few enhancements around the house, this is a great project to tackle! Check out average crown moulding cost estimates – and take a closer look at specifics of the style.

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodshop that crafts high-end pieces that homeowners and contractors all over the country rely on. Our crown moulding has become one of our signature products due to its attractive carving, our reasonable prices, and our nationwide shipping. See what crown moulding should cost on average – and plan your project right here!

Detailed crown moulding in craftsman style hallway

Average Crown Moulding Price

Moulding makes a big style impact wherever you install it. While you don’t necessarily notice the absence of it, having it there adds another piece of character to your space. While the project outcome may create an upscale appearance, the price for quality wooden moulding is fairly reasonable. See average crown moulding costs – and estimate your own project!

At Turntech, we build 16 standard crown moulding styles and sell them in 8-foot increments. The cost of our molding is determined by the wood species and the complexity of the carving.

  • Our price range for crown moulding is $9.50 for 8 feet to $46.25 for 8 feet.
  • The vast majority of our pieces cost approximately between $15 to $20 for 8 feet of paint-grade poplar.

To get the price for the moulding, you’ll simply need to measure the area you plan to accessorize and go from there. For an average sized room, like a dining area or office, a good estimate is that you’ll pay between $100 and $150 for the moulding. For a larger space like an open kitchen or living room, the material cost may be closer to $150 to $200.

However, since we sell our moulding 100% online, finding your exact pricing on the style you love (and buying it) couldn’t be easier!

Custom crown moulding in master bedroom design

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Most Popular Crown Moulding Styles

The reasonable crown moulding price – paired with the attention-getting finished project— makes this an upgrade that you’ll be excited to bring to room after room. There are a range of different style options, each matching an interior decorating aesthetic:


Plain & Simple

Custom simple crown moulding in home

These crown moulding styles have limited beading and have a straight-line design. Typically very affordable, these options are more of a neutral style and are often used to match similar looking baseboard moulding.



Victorian style crown moulding inside home

This traditional moulding has a very elaborate design and is often used in older homes. This style often features beading and large coves – which are large, concave shapes in the moulding pattern. For an added ornate feel, you can incorporate rope moulding into the style as well.



Detailed crown moulding in traditional home

Between these two styles, transitional moulding is a great enhancement for contemporary style homes. More elaborate than simple and plain styles, this will feature eye-catching coves – without the complex beading and rope moulding of the most ornate lines.


Check Crown Moulding Costs & Buy Here

As a company, Turntech may be dedicated to keeping traditional designs alive through the classic art of woodworking. However, we’re anything but stuck in the past! We have complete online ordering and nationwide shipping for the vast majority of our products. If one of the styles you saw here caught your eye, lock in the crown moulding cost and buy it right now!

If you want to bring moulding to your home to enhance one or more of your favorite spaces, we have a variety of options you can choose from. If you have any questions about the right style for your space, choosing the best wood species, or the installation process, reach out to our team – we’re a resource to help you.

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