Custom Fireplace Designs

A roaring fire blazing in a gorgeous fireplace – there are few home features more beautiful and more relaxing than a fireplace. Not only will it be the center of where your family gathers, but it can make a dramatic aesthetic statement as well. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting gorgeous custom fireplace designs – and exploring what makes them style-showstoppers.

At TurnTech, we’re a custom wood shop that builds one-of-a-kind wood pieces that complete indoor and outdoor home renovations. Working with homeowners and contractors nationwide, our pieces are used to build standout front porches, staircases, fireplaces, tables, and much more. Keep reading to see some exceptional custom fireplace designs – or reach out to our experts to discuss your project.


Our Favorite Fireplaces with Columns

Every single one of these fireplaces has a distinct style that enhances the room around it. See all five of our favorite fireplaces with columns and get inspired to build your own!


Tall statement piece fireplace mantel in home

This custom fireplace is the centerpiece of this living room. Notice the straight maple columns that reach from the base to the ceiling. These tall columns are designed to draw attention to the entire wood-decorated wall. Plus, pay careful attention to the colorful stone around the fireplace that matches the countertops sitting to either side


Ornate wood fireplace mantle

Part of a home renovation project, this custom fireplace design brought an exquisitely ornate feel to the entire space. The highly-detailed molding above the fireplace matches with the molding running at the top of the fixture. The columns sitting on either side of the fireplace accent this through their classic carved style and ornate capitals. Everything about this dominant piece has been designed to showcase the personality of the homeowners.


Traditional mantle fireplace

While the design of this fireplace is somewhat subdued compared to the one above, it still features several intriguing touches. The first thing that grabs your attention about this design is the prominent carving directly above the fireplace. Make sure to notice that the wood columns flanking the fireplace are half-columns and have a flatter look as result. In addition, there is some elegant, yet subtle detail work on the mantelpiece.


modern white fireplace mantel ideas

While fireplaces with columns typically fit into a classical home aesthetic, you can achieve a modern design as well, too. These wooden columns feature a rectangular profile accented with clean, straight lines. All of these angular touches are a hallmark of the modern style. Even the white paint has more a contemporary feel than a stained wood hue.


Contemporary Fireplace Mantle with White Columns

This final project is a fireplace that could pair well with the vast majority of home styles. The round columns are stately, yet not overwhelming, and the use of white paint is well balanced by the light blue paint color. Again, simple straight lines form the mantel. This project shows that fireplaces with columns aren’t only for classical designs, but they can enhance suburban family homes as well.

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The Advantages of Working with TurnTech

While we are a true custom-turning woodshop – and while our pieces may often end up in classical designs – we are anything but old-fashioned! True, we absolutely believe in custom carving all of our pieces, and we provide a level of quality you won’t find at a big box hardware store – but everything else here is modern!

Firstly, our advanced software allows us to custom carve any design you need – even if you just send us a picture. Next, we serve the entire country with fast shipping so that you can always complete your home improvement the exact way you want. Finally, we offer easy online shopping that makes it simple to order and receive your items.

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Bring Your Custom Fireplace Design to Life

Your new gorgeous fireplace will enhance the look of any room you build it in. Whether you are redoing your entire house at once, or you’re simply doing a one-off project, we would love to be a part of it. Whether you want to emulate the style of any of the fireplaces with columns you’ve seen here or would like to build something unique, we can help.

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