Staircase Renovation Cost Revealed

Renovating a staircase is one of the best projects for home renovation enthusiasts to tackle! Not only will a redone staircase enhance the look of your home, but it can be surprisingly affordable if you put in the work yourself. We’re breaking down real staircase renovation costs to help you plan your project!

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodshop that crafts all of the essential wooden staircase pieces and ships them nationwide. The three main pieces of a wooden staircase are the newell posts (the larger pillars of the staircase), the balusters (thin wooden posts that connect the handrail to the stairs), and the handrails (which come in a wide variety of styles). The different wood species and styles of these components have a huge impact on the final look of your staircase – not to mention the price. Keep reading to see the average cost to remodel a staircase or to discuss your project with our team!


Average Cost to Remodel a Staircase: Posts, Balusters, & Handrails

The average cost to remodel a staircase can differ dramatically based on a variety of factors. The best way to find out what your custom wood components will cost is to talk to our team. However, we can explore a range of options and prices:


Newell Posts

wooden newell posts on stair remodel

These are the single most expensive component in any staircase as they are large and have the option for complicated detail work. Our newell posts are available in red oak, poplar, maple, cherry, beech, hickory, white oak, sapele, and walnut. Poplar newels are generally the least expensive option, while sapele and walnut are the most expensive by a large margin. Other than wood species, the cost of newell posts is determined by the complexity of the carving!

  • Price Range for Newell Post: Approximately $64 to $440 per post.
  • Price Range for a Premium Newell Post (Sapele or Walnut): Approximately $240 to $1,100 per post.

For most projects, newell posts have the biggest impact on the overall staircase renovation cost. However, the average staircase will only need between two and six newell posts. For the vast majority of projects, the newell posts cost a few hundred dollars total. Looking for inspiration? See some of our favorite wooden staircase designs.

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Wooden staircase renovation

Not only do balusters look great when they match the style of the larger newell posts, but they are one of the most common pieces of a staircase to need to be replaced due to damage or visible wear. Our balusters come in poplar, red oak, and maple – maple is the most expensive, while poplar is the most affordable. Once again, the more intricate the carving on each baluster, the higher the price.

  • Price Range Per Baluster: Approximately $3 to $14.50 per single baluster.

When it comes to the average cost to remodel a staircase, the balusters represent a fairly small investment. While the number of balusters per staircase can differ dramatically, 50 is a common number for a staircase with two handrails. Expect to spend just over a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars to get all of the custom balusters to enhance your staircase.

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Modern wooden stair handrail and wood steps

Handrails serve as both an aesthetic flair as well as a safety feature for your staircase.  While simple round designs may be the norm, choosing an elaborate shape and style add an extra flourish. Our handrails can be carved in a range of wood types, including red oak, poplar, maple, cherry, beech, hickory, white oak, sapele, and walnut.

  • Price Range for Handrail: Approximately $3 to $15 per lineal foot.
  • Price Range for Premium Handrail (Sapele or Walnut): Approximately $20 to $50 per lineal foot.

You’ll notice that even among solid wood handrails there are a wide range of different prices. In addition to that, the length of handrail you need varies dramatically as well depending on the height of your staircase. The best way to estimate your handrail price is to simply measure the length you’ll need. See more popular staircase accessories for your design.

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Since you cut out all of the contractor costs by taking the DIY approach, the price of the staircase materials is your main expense. Adding together your estimates for balusters, posts, and handrails will help you have an accurate budget estimate.

Depending on the style and material, your staircase renovation cost can be easily under $1,000 or as expensive as a few thousand dollars. However, through years of supplying homeowners, we can say that the majority of staircase remodels are on the lower end of our estimates.

Modern staircase with wood and metal


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If you’re ready to get started planning your project, our team is here to support you. The first step is reaching out to discuss your style options and to get price quotes. While Turntech may be a company dedicated to old-fashioned woodworking quality, we embrace 21st century convenience like online ordering and nationwide shipping. That means no matter where you live, you can include true custom woodworking in your DIY project!

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