Floating Shelf Décor to Transform Your Home

Upgrading old worn-out shelves with amazing floating shelf décor can truly transform a room. Even better, this simple and practical upgrade is a great DIY project – that almost any homeowner can handle in an afternoon. Keep reading to uncover headline-making floating shelf designs, discover how easy the install is, and shop right now!

At TurnTech, we’re a custom wood shop that crafts a wide range of high-quality wood accessories used in home remodeling. One of our newest product lines, our extremely easy-to-install shelves are designed to provide sleek floating shelf décor for almost any room in the house. Get inspired for your project – or place your order 100% online!


5 Creative Floating Shelf Designs to Inspire You

All of these made-to-order shelves are crafted from real solid hardwood – rather than cheap veneers and fillers. From a style standpoint, our shelves are recognizable from their slim profile that is ideal for rooms with a clean, open style. See a few of our favorite floating shelf designs and get inspired to transform your space:


Rustic, Built-In Bookshelves

Floating bookshelf design inspiration

Traditional bookshelves tend to be big bulky things that are oftentimes more likely to jam-pack your space rather than enhance it. Using our floating shelves for a built-in bookshelf not only provides the exact amount of book storage you need – but it provides a unique enhancement to a bedroom or study, too.

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Miniature Workstation

DIY wooden shelf desk for working from home

Here’s a truly unique use for floating shelf décor. Pairing one of these shelves (installed at waist level) with an office chair and your laptop can create a unique home workspace almost anywhere. Not only does it provide a flexible solution for working from home, but it also adds to the character of whatever room it’s in!

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Living Room Décor

Floating shelf decor for living room

This floating shelf design can provide a real conversation starter in your living room or dining room, where guests are most likely to see it. Since the shelf itself is beautiful in its own right, pairing it with decorations makes it even better. We often see shelves for living room décor used to hold plants, primitives, and favorite nick-nacks!

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Supplemental to Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen ideas for floating shelves

Farmhouse kitchens are an incredibly in-demand style. The natural wood and open look of a floating shelf creates a complement to fit alongside the rustic cabinets in a renovated farmhouse kitchen. Using these shelves to display everything from plates to cookware solves storage problems and serves to decorate the space.


Practical Bathroom or Laundry Shelves

DIY wooden shelf installed in bathroom

The shelves that come standard for spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms tend not to be the most attractive or the most durable. Whether they are sequestered in a linen closest or simply out in the open, the bland old shelves need an upgrade. By replacing them with gorgeous wooden options, you bring a real sense of personality to a space that would often be overlooked.

Love these floating shelf designs? They’re just the beginning of what we can craft for you. We give you ample room to request custom options, including everything from unique looks to different wood species, including white oak and cherry.

From a practical standpoint, all of our shelves are built to be extremely strong and are able to hold 100 pounds. Finally, they are extremely simple to install – even if this is one of your first DIY projects ever!

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DIY Wooden Shelf Installation: 10 Steps

Achieving the floating shelf décor you want is even easier than you’d expect. DIY wooden shelf installation takes most people under an hour. This project requires very minimal preparation and doesn’t require anything beyond basic hand and power tools.

Check out our video that highlights the different steps of our DIY wooden self-installation:


These are the key steps to follow when building your own shelves:  

  1. Mark the desired height on your wall for where you want the shelf
  2. Use a stud finder to locate wall studs
  3. Place the sticky bracket template on the wall over the studs
  4. Drill holes in bracket template
  5. Drive lag screws into bottom hole
  6. Add and attach bracket baseplate over the lag screws
  7. Lock the floating shelf bracket arm into the baseplates
  8. Level both brackets using a socket wrench
  9. Place shelf onto bracket arms and push into final position
  10. Screw the connecting screws into the shelf to connect it to the bracket

If you are considering buying these pieces and have any questions about DIY wooden shelf installation, reach out to our team. Our experts are happy to explain everything you need to know and give you the guidance you need.

Reach out to ask your questions today!


Shop Now to Bring Floating Shelf Décor Home

Floating shelf decor for kitchen

This on-trend accessory is the perfect add-on to enhance practically any room in your home. Everywhere from a kitchen to a living room or even a bathroom can be improved with the custom look of floating shelf décor. If you’re ready to get started, we make it easy to get what you need. Simply place your order online or request a custom quote and your new shelves will be shipped to you – anywhere in the USA!


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After being turned down by several other wood crafting companies who were not interested in my small job, Turntech said "Yes" and made the chair bottom spindles needed to repair my favorite colonial style maple chairs. Thank you! Turntech, i have my beloved chairs back good as new.
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Nancy Loughery
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They were very kind in doing a custom project for me for a table I was commissioned to make.A great success! My customer loves it!!BRAVO!!!!!!!
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I ordered and received a porch post in 2020. I'm sorry I'm so late writing a review. Due to the weather and a broken ankle I haven't been able to install it yet. Customer service was great, The quality of the post is fantastic, I sent my own drawing copied from the other 150 year old posts on the porch and they matched it. I still need to paint the post and install it , I will upload a picture when I get there. An excellent woodworking company. I will use them again if I need a top quality post.
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Abe Gravois
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When we needed to replicate the balusters for our historical restoration we turned to TurnTech. See what I did there :)Turntech exceeded my every expectation, from customer service to product craftmanship and quality.The truth is I should have been the one sending the popcorn and thank you note....We will definitely be doing business again.
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