How to Design Kitchen Island Legs, Columns & More

The old saying goes that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It seems to hold true in modern times as well, as studies show the kitchen is the most frequently remodeled room in the home. If an ornate style kitchen is close to your heart, you’ll likely want to include gorgeous wooden legs and columns throughout your new kitchen design.

Custom carved kitchen island legs and columns are some of our specialties at TurnTech. Incorporating a look of true historic elegance into your remodel, these classic touches are highly versatile, both in regards to the style of the pieces and the look they can create. Explore some of the different ways to bring custom wood turnings to the heart of your home.


5 Ways to Bring Custom Wood Turnings to Your Kitchen

Every kitchen remodel is different and the possibilities for using custom turned columns in your kitchen are endless. However, these are some of the most common ways to introduce carved columns and legs to a modern kitchen.


Custom legs on island overhang in kitchen

In most kitchens, the island is the showpiece from which the entire kitchen takes its stylistic cues. When designing with a decidedly ornate style, the central island is the ideal place to start. When the island countertop features an extension or overhang, supporting it with gorgeous wooden columns provides an element of style – as well as sturdy support.


Wooden column as table leg

When you build a custom table, you build it from the ground up. One of the most popular methods to build your own table begins with a custom column that serves as the table base. Matching the intricacies of the base column to that of the rest of your kitchen allows you to build a consistent aesthetic – and to have a table NO ONE else has.


Bun feet for kitchen buffet

Hutches and sideboards play a central role in a traditional kitchen, and they make an ideal place to include custom woodworking. If you’re building a piece of custom furniture, you can craft it using prominent wooden columns and accent the base with bun feet. This makes for a show-stopping furniture piece that hearkens back to an older time.


Decorative kitchen legs around sink

Any prominent area of your kitchen can be accessorized with the woodworking that meets your style – and the sink is no exception. One of the most natural touches homeowners use to accessorize their sinks is by flanking them with turned columns. This look pairs especially well with deeper farmhouse style sinks.


Custom turned kitchen table leg

Without question, the most in-demand way to incorporate woodworking into your 21st century kitchen is with custom island legs. Building the centerpiece island around 4 identical, standout legs builds the overall style of the kitchen while making your island even more eye-catching. Matching the island legs to those around the sink or the range adds another level of design symmetry.

Bring your ideas for a custom kitchen or piece of furniture to TurnTech and we’ll make them a reality. In addition, if you still need inspiration for your project, talk it over with our experienced designers. We’ve been a part of countless renovations – and we’ve seen a style or two that might look exceptional in your kitchen as well.


Most Popular Kitchen Island Leg Styles

Modern kitchen with traditional table legs

For both interiors and exteriors, modern styling is taking over. However, classical styles still have their place in the kitchen, especially when wrought in gorgeous hardwood. This focus can be seen in the most popular designs used in kitchen island legs and columns. As a result, the most popular kitchen island leg styles are the highly-decorative barley twist and beaded rope styles.

While those are by far the two most common leg designs we craft, modern island legs can look exceptional as well. While a classical style will feature a complicated pattern and a rounded column, a modern design will be square and practically angular.


Trust TurnTech for Your Kitchen Island Legs & Much More

While crafting kitchen island legs to meet any design is certainly a specialty of ours, it isn’t our only area of expertise.  Our woodcrafters have the ability to create almost anything you need for a home renovation – inside or out. From massive turned porch posts to delicate rail mouldings, we carve the kind of woodwork you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Whether you know exactly what you need and are ready to shop, or you’d rather get a quote on a custom project, we’re here to help. Start the conversation – and start shopping today!

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