Wooden Staircase Designs for Homes

During a home renovation, you’d never overlook the kitchen or pass over the powder room – they are essentials. However, far too many homeowners skip out on upgrading their staircase during a remodel. That’s why we’re showcasing the variety of wooden staircase designs for homes that are available to creative interior designers.

At TurnTech, we’re a custom wood shop that builds detailed pieces that complete indoor and outdoor remodels all over the country. Keep reading to discover your options for wooden staircases designs. Plus, you can shop right now – or work with our team to craft custom pieces.


3 Most Popular Staircase Styles

A staircase is a key piece of your home décor – not only will it be centrally located and used every day, but it’s the perfect venue to show off your sense of interior taste. These are the 3 most popular staircase styles you can bring home:


Modern Staircase

Wooden Staircase Design in Rustic Home

Some designers have the misconception that modern is code for boring – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A modern style staircase stands out due to the square profile of the newell posts and the sleek, no frills bannisters. In general, modern staircases will have more simple, straight line shapes but can still highlight interesting patterns and indentations.

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Transitional Staircase

Transitional staircase style and design

This wooden staircase design style is a happy medium between the modern aesthetic and the ornate styles of a traditional staircase. The posts on these stairs tend to be sleek and tapered and the balusters often match that look exactly. Taking inspiration from the boxy modern style, it’s common for classical posts to have square pieces as well. Since this style draws from both modern and classical influences, there can be a very wide range of styles.

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Classical Staircase

Classical wooden staircase design in mansion

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of a grand staircase, this is what you’re looking for. Just like in a historical mansion, classical staircases are a work of delicate art meant to be admired. This staircase style features the most elaborate carving options on the posts – they are often roped, basket weaved, or fluted. Plus, elegant tapering is common on the posts and balusters as well. You can even count on the handrail to include some type of custom carving as well. As you’d expect, a classical style staircase is often a custom job.

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Ways to Use a Staircase in Home Design

During a renovation, you’ll most likely update the staircase style to enhance what was already there. However, when you’re building a new home, you have quite a few options when placing your staircase in the layout. These are the most common types of staircases:

  • Simple Staircase – The most common type, a simple staircase will be straight and placed generally against a single wall. While the type of staircase may be simple, the style can range from modern to classical. Simple stairs can feature different landings and be somewhat L-shaped.
  • Spiral or Curved Staircase – An exciting design choice, curved spiral stairs feature some degree of a circular pattern. While they are often modern in style, anything is possible with these unique beauties.
  • Grand Staircase – A grand staircase will definitely be an attention-grabber. This type of straight staircase is open on both sides and tends to be quite wide. A grand staircase is the perfect touch for a classical wooden staircase design.


Bring Your Wooden Staircase Designs to Life

Modern staircase idea in entryway

A new staircase can make a huge impact on your home as it changes the look of two rooms and is likely to see use practically every day. Plus, it’s the perfect place to reinforce the interior style you’ve been working hard to craft. Whether you’re drawn to modern, traditional, or classical – we can craft it for you.

At TurnTech, we can construct a wide range of custom designs and can even build a piece just from seeing a picture of it. If you’d like to start shopping one of our standard designs, we make it easy with online shopping and nationwide shipping. However, if you’d like to commission something completely unique, we’re happy to work with you. Reach out today to ask us any questions and to start on your project!

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