Custom Staircase Designs for Your Home

Grand and elegant or simple and sleek, your staircase should reflect the style and décor of your interior aesthetic. When done right and matched to the rest of your home, even a small staircase can have a massive impact on the feel of your space. The first step to creating a custom staircase design is finding out which type of stairs you have – and what type of renovation matches them best!

At Turntech, we’re a wood turnings manufacturer that builds a wide range of custom staircase pieces including balusters, spindles, handrails and much more. In this blog, we’re highlighting the main stair types to help you find yours – and sharing some inspiration for what to pair with each! Keep reading to check out striking custom staircase designs, or start shopping right here!

Home entryway with custom staircase design


5 Different Types of Stairs & How to Renovate Them

All staircases do the same job of connecting one floor to another – some just do it in very unique ways! We’re defining the different types of stairs based on how they are built and where they’re placed. While you can add any staircase accessories to any of these types, we’re going to share a few high-impact upgrade suggestions!


Straight Staircase

New construction home with custom staircase

A tried-and-true staircase design, a straight staircase is set against a wall and offers a straight connection from one floor to the next. Chances are, this is the type of stairs you have in your home. Compared to some other options, these different types of stairs tend to come in a simple style, but you can make them as ornate as you like.

High-Impact Upgrades:

  • Balusters – For most straight staircases, there are only going to be one set of balusters, so make them exciting!
  • Newell Posts – If you want to make your standard stairs into a showstopper, add dramatic and ornate Newell posts at the top and bottom of the stairs. Box Newell posts are one of the best options to bring attention to these stairs.


L-Shaped Staircase

Custom L-Shaped staircase with wooden features

Somewhat similar to a straight staircase, L-shaped stairs have a single turn on a landing that leads into the straight section. The second most common option among the different types of stairs, these offer great stylistic versatility.

High-Impact Upgrades:

  • Posts – Since an L-shaped staircase will likely have more posts as part of the design, they are a great place to inject a little design flair.
  • Stair Treads – Depending on the condition or look of your stair treads themselves, replacing them can bring new life into your staircase.


Curved Staircase

Elegant curved wooden staircase remodel

If you have a curved staircase in your home, it is likely already the focal point of your home. Whether they are flush against a wall or free-standing, these types of stairs curve from one floor to the next. Custom staircase designs built around curved stairs do tend to be ornate just based on the classical architectural feel of a curved staircase.

High-Impact Upgrades:

  • Balusters – One of the very best places to put your balusters on display, the curved nature of the staircase will feature them prominently! An ornamental wood baluster will be the perfect addition to this beautiful type of staircase.
  • Newell Posts – Since a curved staircase tends to be more classical, a highly-decorative Newell post can be used to great effect. You may prefer the look of a round Newell, though, rather than a boxed one.


U-Shaped Staircase

Organic custom stair renovation

U-shaped staircases are used to connect three different floors – with two flights of stairs going in opposite directions. Since these staircases are often somewhat compact and practical, typically a more minimal design has the best results here.

High-Impact Upgrades:

  • Handrails – On most U-shaped stairs, a wooden handrail is very important for safety. Since you know the handrail will be heavily used, it’s one of the best ways to inject a unique look into this custom staircase design. You can choose from round, square, decorative and so many more options.
  • Balusters – While climbing a set of U-shaped stairs, the balusters will remain at eye level for much of it. A custom turned or tapered baluster can bring an interesting feel to the space.


Grand Staircase

Grand wooden staircase entryway of home

A work of home architectural art, grand staircases are all too rare in today’s houses. However, if you have one in your home, you know how it transforms the entire feel. In order to qualify as a grand staircase, it must be a free-standing staircase near the entrance of your home. There are so many astounding options for customizing one of these showstoppers!

High-Impact Upgrades:

Newell Posts – The style of a grand staircase starts at the Newell posts, so they absolutely must showcase an eye-catching style. In fact, for a true grand entryway staircase, the bottom Newell posts are one of the very first things your guests will see in your home.

Handrails – The handrails of a grand staircase will be visible the entire way to the top landing, so making them beautiful is a priority here, too. A delicately carved ornamental railing will likely be the best choice to complete the design.

Stair Treads – Out of all of the different types of staircases, this is meant to be admired, down to the smallest details. That’s why replacing scuffed, scraped or rough-looking stair treads with a flawless replacement stair.


The Experience of Working with Turntech

Large home with beautiful curved staircase

One of the key traits that makes Turntech such an invaluable resource for remodeling contractors and DIY homeowners is that we can custom craft what your renovation needs. While we show a wide catalogue of wood turnings on our website, that is just the beginning of what we can craft for you. If you have a unique idea for a wooden piece that will complete your renovation, talk to our team. Plus, no matter where you live, we can work with you – Turntech makes all of our products available directly to customers throughout the entire USA!


Bring Your Custom Staircase Designs to Life

When you’re ready to bring your custom staircase designs to life, our team will be there to supply you or your contractor with everything. If you want to shop our wide range of popular pieces, you can use our simple online shopping and we’ll do the rest! However, if you’d like to discuss one-of-a-kind pieces for your staircase, our team is standing by to help you finalize your design and to get you prices to craft everything you need!

Contact us right now to get a custom quote!

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