Wooden Porch Posts by Turntech

Add Character, Safety, and Value to Your Home

Anything that can add value to a home is sure to be appreciated, especially in today’s competitive home market. Even if you have no plans to sell your home anytime soon, there are many reasons to consider adding or replacing old exterior columns with quality wooden porch posts for sale from Turntech. If you’re a builder, you’ll definitely want to keep your clients happy by including quality materials on home features like the porch. Contractors and DIYers alike can also find value and purpose in finely crafted wooden porch posts or wood columns from Turntech.

wood porch posts

Exterior Decorative Porch Posts & Columns

Aesthetically, decorative porch posts are meant to be the finishing touch on a home. They can easily complement other outdoor features as well, including the trim around doors and windows and the material your porch is made of if you opt for a matching type of wood. The right type of contrasting wood can be just as eye-catching.

Because of the variety of shapes and sizes, wooden porch posts can also reflect the character and style of your home. Classic decorative porch posts, for example, can add a subtle decorative touch to a porch. If you prefer something more contemporary looking with a hint of elegance, consider chamfer posts. Chamfering on the tops of railing posts can add an equally appealing finishing touch.

Wooden Front Porch Posts for Added Home Value

When wooden porch posts are included as part of a new construction or home improvement project, you’ll benefit from a cost-effective way to add value to your property. Sturdy decorative porch posts, for instance, can make a good impression on passersby and make a home more attractive to potential buyers in the future. With high-quality wood and finish, basic square wood front porch posts can boost a home’s value.

Safety and Style with Turned Porch Posts

One of the many benefits of porch balusters is the ability to narrow gaps between posts. By eliminating excessive space, you’ll also be making a porch safer for younger children, older adults, and pets. Structurally, balusters are important because they support a porch’s handrail, which is why you’ll want to invest in durable columns for a front, back, or side porch.

Sometimes referred to as spindles, wood balusters for porches are available in many different styles and shapes. Some homeowners prefer more decorative ones that look like vases stacked on top of each other, while others prefer turned or twisted designs. Another plus with porch balusters is that they can be low in maintenance and long-lasting if properly treated.

Porch Posts for Your Home Restoration Project

Planning a restoration anytime soon? If so, then you’ll appreciate the variety of choices you’ll have with wooden porch posts for sale. Depending on the type of house that’s being restored, you might opt for retro-looking colonial posts or heritage posts. Another benefit of using wooden front porch posts for a restoration that involves a porch is the ability to customize designs and add additional millwork to your preferred post style.

The Classic Beauty of Front Porch Posts for Sale

Vinyl posts may be able to mimic the look of decorative porch posts made from real wood, but there’s something inherently appealing about natural wood. If damage from the elements or sun exposure is a concern, special treatments can offer an added layer of protection. Unlike vinyl posts, which must stay the same color for their lifespan, front porch posts for sale can be refinished or repainted to create an entirely new look without having to completely replace your wooden posts.

Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, premium-quality, customized wooden porch posts, like the ones available from Turntech, can make a big difference and be a smart investment. You’ll also appreciate the fact that quality wooden porch posts are often easy to repair and refresh when needed. What you’ll get for your return on investment is a porch that naturally enhances exterior features while also offering added safety, function, and beauty. Contact us to get a free quote today!