Quality Rope Moulding for Your Home

Rope mouldings are a wonderful accent for furniture, chair rails, drawer fronts, crown mouldings, and cabinets. At Turntech, our expert craftsmen utilize state-of-the-art precision machines to produce rope trim moulding that is second to none.

Each wood rope trim piece is finish sanded and shipped ready to stain and assemble. With a wide variety of wood options, configurations, and diameters to choose from as well, you’re sure to find the perfect rope mouldings for any project or design.

Wood Rope Trim Moulding Cuts and Configurations

We’re a leader in rope moulding manufacturing and supply high-quality wood rope mouldings to craftsmen and cabinet manufacturers around the country. When you choose us for your crown, cabinet, or bar rail moulding needs, you can select rope moulding designs from 1/4” in diameter up to 1-1/2” in eight-foot lengths.

In addition to a variety of diameter sizes, we offer wood rope moulding in four different cut options:

  • 1/4 Round – Ideal for decorative rope crown moulding on the inside of corners for the perfect finishing touch.
  • 1/2 Round – Our most popular rope moulding option and used as decorative touches for cabinets, chair rails, furniture, and more.
  • 3/4 Round – Available with a custom order and made to accentuate any exterior corner.
  • Full round – Beautifully crafted home moulding with rope-like qualities to add the right finishing touch to any cabinetry or doorway.

While our modern machinery and expert craftsmen can create beautifully detailed wood rope moulding with any of the radius cuts above, our 1/2 round rope mouldings are by far the most popular due to their variety of uses. Therefore, we keep them in stock in several different diameters and wood options, allowing our customers to receive them in as little as a few days!

If your project or design requires 1/4 round, 3/4 round, or full round rope trim molding, it must be custom ordered. All custom orders are typically finished and shipped within two weeks. Please contact us for custom pricing on home moulding products.

Not sure if we have what you’re looking for? Give us a call – we’re more than happy to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect solution!

Rope Crown Moulding Wood Selections

Whether you need crown, furniture, doorway, and bar rail moulding, or rope moulding for cabinetry like many of our clients, our premium rope mouldings are available in a wide-variety of durable and attractive wood species. In fact, our standard stock right twist 1/2 round mouldings are available in:

  • African Mahogany – This popular wood species features a medium red to a slight reddish brown color and is ideal for a variety of interior and exterior projects.
  • Alder – Both Clear and Knotty Alder features a light brown color with slightly reddish hues and are used indoors as premium stain-grade materials for projects demanding a more rustic look.
  • Cherry – Cherry is a strong hardwood with a smooth grain and a luxuriously rich red color, making it an excellent option for rope crown moulding.
  • Hard Maple – This premium hardwood is dense, features a fine texture, and has a light modern appearance for modern, Scandinavian-inspired interiors.
  • Poplar – Poplar is a highly versatile soft wood species with a fine grain and a light cream color. It’s best when left natural or painted as staining is not recommended.
  • Red Oak – This heavy and strong hardwood is quite ‘grainy’ and has a course texture, making it an excellent interior stain-grade material.
  • Soft Maple – Soft Maple is considered a paint-grade maple with close grains and minor mineral streaking.

Does your project or design require rope trim in another wood species? Don’t worry, because we gladly make custom rope trim moulding from Walnut, Spanish Cedar, White Oak, Ash, White Birch, and Hickory as well. Simply place a custom order and you can expect to receive beautifully detailed rope trim in any of these wood species in less than two weeks.

Get Rope Style Home Moulding & Trim Now!

Based in Lancaster, PA, our hardworking and highly skilled Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmen utilize generations of knowledge and state–of–the–art computer driven machinery to create quality rope crown moulding products that don’t disappoint. If you want nothing but the finest rope moldings for your clients, choose Turntech!