Hardwood Custom Floating Wall Shelves for Sale

Blank walls staring you down? It’s time to get creative with floating shelves! A great addition to pretty much any room of the house, but custom floating shelves tend to be favorited in kitchens and bathrooms. No matter if your style is minimalistic and modern, or bold and boho, you’re sure to find a perfect pair here!

With Turntech’s handcrafted wooden shelves and patent-pending brackets, installation is easy and finding a style you love is even easier. Turntech is a Lancaster County, PA custom woodshop that creates floating wall shelves from high-quality wood. Other floating wall shelf makers average a 30-day turnaround time, but we’re dedicated to providing a turnaround time of just 14 days for our customers! Experience the high-quality service, beautiful product, and aesthetic new room you’ll create by shopping with Turntech today.

How to Incorporate Custom Floating Shelves

Floating shelves help add a touch of class and a bit of modern flair to any space. Apart from their naturally beautiful looks, floating wall shelves also serve a ton of practical purposes. From storing craft supplies to decorating your entryway with family photos, you can’t go wrong with a gallery of decorative floating shelves!

Decorative floating shelves are applicable for any room of the house but look especially gorgeous in your kitchen, bathroom, or home office. Whether you have a full plan on how you want to accentuate these beautiful floating wall shelves or you need a little extra nugget of inspiration, we encourage you to check out the visual applications from our photo gallery!

Here’s some of our favorite ideas for incorporating decorative floating shelves in your home:

  • Neatly showcase dinnerware in your kitchen
  • Give your children easy access to their toys when you use decorative floating shelves to store toys in the playroom
  • Maximize a small bathroom by using floating wall shelves to store toiletries in your guest bathroom
  • Trendy office decoration that stores your library of favorite books and novels
  • Upgrade your hallway’s aesthetic by displaying family photos or artwork on a floating shelf
  • Transform your craft room’s organization

New Custom Wood Shelf Brackets for Easy Application

Turntech is proud to offer patent-pending floating shelf brackets that make installing floating shelves yourself easier than ever. Everything you need to install your new floating shelves gets delivered right to your door. Follow along with our user-friendly instructional video and you’ll have your floating shelf brackets mounted in just minutes!

How easy our floating shelf brackets are to install? Very! (Video)

See how floating shelves and other wooden home accents for your renovation.

Order Your Decorative Floating Shelves Today!

At Turntech, we’re a local woodshop located in humble Lancaster County, PA. We’ve been crafting custom wooden columns, table legs, moulding and more for decades – and now we’re happy to introduce custom floating shelves to the mix! Our turnings are all made in-house, by hand, and ready to be shipped to your door in just 10 days.

Contact Turntech to learn more about our standard wooden floating shelf options and request a free custom quote!