6 Front Porch Column Ideas, Design Elements & More

Calculated to bear loads, quality front porch pillar designs ensure stability and longevity. But the BEST type of porch column designs merge functionality AND aesthetic beauty – just like the ones you’ll see in this blog!  These expertly curated front porch column ideas are crafted with your style, budget, and material preferences in mind.

Whether you’re updating this visual of your space or need better exterior structural support, these six front porch post ideas marry function with form, delivering you inspired styles that look good and do good, too!

Keep reading to discover front porch pillar designs, customizable features and more from Turntech.


Front Porch Pillar Design Features

front porch pillar ideas with wood columns

Porch pillars come in many shapes and sizes, making their design possibilities nearly endless! From detailed and ornate to simply modern, they serve as one of the most prominent ways to express your personal style amidst your home’s first impression.

Here are a few of the classic porch pillar designs available through Turntech:

1. Modern: When it comes to modern design, sleek and simple is the name of the game. Translating that into your front porch post ideas may look like our Chamfer or Square models. The clean lines and contemporary features of these unique pillars help to communicate your timelessly modern vibe throughout the entirety of your porch.

Modern Front Porch Pillar Models


2. Classic: If rounded edges and smooth curves are more your style, you may want to consider the Traditional or Classic pillars instead. Carved from wood, these fan-favorites can be crafted in Yellow Pine, Mahogany, or Spanish Cedar with ease.

Classic porch pillar ideas


3. Traditional: For those homes that boast a Victorian style, our Colonial and Heritage front porch pillar designs are the ideal choice. These eye-catching porch pillars feature simple design elements that exude elegance and class. Whether you’re looking to preserve the historical authenticity of your Victorian-era home or simply seeking to infuse a touch of classic beauty into your porch, these traditional front porch pillar designs offer a perfect solution for a graceful and inviting entrance.

Front Porch Pillars


Porch Colum Design Ideas

Like porch posts, columns are structurally sound elements that elevate the appearance of a home, traditionally with a wider build and less ornate appearance.

While there’s no shortage of porch column designs on the market, here are a few of the most popular:

1. Fluted: Fluted columns have round indentations running vertically over the length of the shaft. The round, shallow indentations are a minute detail that add a timeless beauty to your exterior. While fluting typically appeared in classical architecture, it is still often associated as a modern exterior column design.

Front Porch Colum Ideas

2. Roped: Roped porch columns designs feature intricately carved pattern that resemble twisted or braided ropes, making them one of the most popular front porch column ideas today. Combining timeless craftsmanship with contemporary durability, this textured design is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s architectural sophistication.

Front Porch Column Design

3. Smooth: Smooth porch pillars offer a sleek, unembellished appearance that complements modern and minimalist home designs. These straight or tapered smooth front porch column ideas provide essential structural support while blending seamlessly with contemporary styles. Their clean lines and simple form are easy to enjoy, making them a popular modern exterior column design.

Front porch column designs for a modern style


Front Porch Post Ideas for All Styles & Budgets

High-quality wood pillars and columns elevate your home’s exterior to new levels. Selecting the right front porch pillar and column design is essential, but so is selecting the best quality.

Turntech is a manufacturer and supplier of made-to-order wood products, such as columns, posts, staircase elements, and table legs. We serve builders, cabinetmakers, and homeowners nationwide with handcrafted wood products that stand the test of time. Proudly manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Turntech is an industry leader in gorgeous millwork!

We offer clients our undivided attention, presenting you with a positive customer service experience you will never forget. When you want to renovate your porch with long lasting quality, leave it to the experts in modern exterior column design and craftsmanship.

Ready to bring your front porch column ideas to life? Contact a Turntech professional about your front porch column ideas and a custom quote on your outdoor project!

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