Pictures of Front Porch Columns: Our Recent Projects

Updating your old and worn-out porch columns is on your to-do list – and you know it will be fantastic when finished – but you don’t know where to get started. Sometimes seeing finished spaces and the design philosophy behind them can be the spark to kickstart your imagination! All of these pictures of front porch columns and posts come from real projects built all over the USA!

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodshop that crafts a wide variety of pieces for interior and exterior renovations. Get inspired for your remodel by checking out an assortment of different front porch columns. Once you’re finished, talk to our team to get prices or to custom design your own pieces!


Porch Post Pictures to Inspire Your Renovation  

From historical mansions to modern suburban houses, beautiful porch posts can make a huge difference. These porch post pictures are from recent projects, where the porch posts were either replaced or upgraded to look even more attractive. See if any of these different style porches catch your eye and give you an idea to start your own renovation:


Colorful Porch Renovation

Colorful porch posts with railing

Consider the potential of your porch to bring color and excitement to your curb appeal. With distinct candy-colored stripes, these bold wooden posts are the main focal points of the porch and home. This injection of color works extremely well when paired with a neutral-colored house. Check out the detailed circular bands on both the large porch columns and the railing posts. This project also features other beautiful woodworking, including new deck boards and a striking wooden ceiling.

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Straight Posts on Wrap-Around Porch

Modern straight porch post renovated

If you have a modern style front porch, finding porch columns can be challenging. Consider adding a unique paint or stain or an interesting feature in the carving such as a beveled edge. See how these new posts brought a simple, no-frills look to this large wrap-around porch. While many porch post pictures are in a classical style, sometimes a simple and modern piece is right for the job.

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Tapered Posts for a Unique Porch

Detailed front porch columns

If you’re bringing a multi-faceted design to your porch, the posts can the be the perfect place to tie it all together. These classic porch posts have a charming look on their own, but when paired with the colorful porch railings, they complete the look. These posts feature a slim taper with carved sections and square bases and caps. Also, look closely at the porch post picture to notice the delicate bands carved into the posts. From the railings to the stained-glass door, this entire porch is unique!

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Stately Columns for Historic Home

Commercial front porch columns for historic museum

Columns on historic homes are a central part of what defines this architectural style. Historic columns tend to be quite large and stately, with ornamental carving around the cap and base. Check out this historic mansion, which needed to replace columns that were more than a hundred years old with a historically accurate exact match. Notice how the elegant brackets are included to provide even more intricate detail. Whether you live in a historic home yourself or you simply find the authentic colonial style appealing, this design style can complete your curb appeal.

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Slim Porch Posts for Cedar Shake Porch

Front porch columns on historic home

While oftentimes the columns are the main feature in a porch re-design, they can also serve a supporting role. If your porch already has a standout style, this might be the right direction to go. Notice how the cedar shake siding on this home is an absolute curb appeal showstopper, and every other detail on the porch augments the look. See the way that the ornamental brackets provide a one-of-a-kind character to the sleek posts. This precise carving helps them stand out in a beautiful space. This design style uses interesting posts to go along with the main focal point – without upstaging it.

All of these pictures of front porch columns show the wide range of shapes and styles that are available to choose from. If you’re feeling inspired to bring something similar to your home or porch, contact us and we’ll give you a quote!


Custom Woodworking Delivered All over the USA

While we showcased pictures of porch columns in today’s blog, they are just the beginning of what our woodworkers can build for you. Authentic porch posts are one of our signature items as we are able to provide extremely detailed carving – and we’re able to exactly match nearly any column just by seeing a picture! Trust Turntech as your one-stop-shop for high-quality wooden pieces, like custom table legs, floating shelves, wooden craft balls, and much, much more!

While authentic wood carving quality and historical designs are hallmarks of our products, we provide all of the 21st century convenience to make the process easy. If you want to commission a historical replacement column, all you need to do is send us a picture and we can replicate it with our advanced designed software. When it comes to convenience, we give you the option to order everything online, and we ship all over the USA!

If you have any questions for our team, give us a call or fill out our handy form!

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