What to Look for in Replacement Porch Columns

If the stately columns that are a key part of your porch décor have seen better days, you have a big decision to make. You need replacement porch columns that match the distinct aesthetic, can survive in the elements, and are up for the job of supporting your porch’s roof. That’s why in today’s blog, we’re showcasing the style potential of our pieces – while focusing on the most important traits to look for when you’re shopping around!

At TurnTech, we’re a custom wood shop that builds a wide range of interior and exterior items. However, custom outdoor columns are one of our signature pieces, and that’s why we’re highlighting them today. See some of our favorite styles and start shopping right now!

6 Porch Post Replacement Must-Haves

While getting the look you love is paramount for your porch makeover, there are some other essential boxes that your porch post replacements need to check. After all, while looking great is important, these posts need to support the roof of your porch and survive out in the elements for decades. Here’s what you should look for:

What to look for in column replacemets:

  • Right Size and Type — This is essential for reasons of both style and ensuring the porch post replacement is able to do its job. If your current porch has a more robust column style post, use that type of post when replacing the old ones. However, if your current posts are slimmer, match that style. Different porches and decors need different options – that’s why we craft both styles, to best fit whatever your porch’s needs are. 
  • Quality — For the vast majority of classic and historical homes we build for, this is the first time the posts have ever been replaced. That’s a credit to the materials and craftsmanship of the original builders. We build all of our pieces using ultra-durable, high-quality species of lumber. For example, yellow pine is a durable, yet budget-friendly material. Mahogany, one of the other popular materials, has a gorgeous natural color and is inherently resistant to rot and mold.
  • Ability to Exactly Match the Old Style — At TurnTech we build with naturally durable mahoghany, Spanish cedar, or yellow pine. On the other hand, a lot of big box column suppliers simply won’t tell you what lumber they use at all. Our focus is giving you as many different lumber options as possible.
  • Consistent Design — Even if you aren’t looking for an exact replica for your replacement porch columns, having them fit the overall aesthetic creates a beautiful, unified look. Many homeowners like to have their new and prominent columns echo the style of the porch railing or decorative molding.
  • Strength to be Load Bearing — Wood isn’t only a fantastic building material because it is beautiful, but because it is extremely sturdy as well. When some homeowners upgrade their porch, they consider opting for ultra-cheap, vinyl columns – but those rarely have the strength to support a porch roof. Our wooden columns are engineered to serve as load bearing supports. Make sure you talk to us about the demands that will be placed on your porch post replacements.
  • Up Close, Show-Stopping Beauty — Your new columns will undoubtedly be a standout part of the design on your front porch. Make sure they look as striking up close as they do from a distance. All of our columns and posts look just as attractive up close, where the detail work of our carving can really shine. Whether you opt for fluting, roping, or something completely different, your posts or columns will look stunning up-close and far away. See some of our favorite front porch post ideas.


Discussing Porch Post Replacement Cost

Brick house with replaced porch columns

Depending on the style you like and the size of the pieces, the porch post replacement cost can differ greatly. In addition, the price also increases when we match the column style from a picture as opposed to selecting one of our popular models.

For slimmer yet attractive pieces, the porch post replacement cost starts at $113 for a yellow pine post. However, for the more robust style pillars and columns, pricing begins at around $360 and can extend all the way to over $500 for a complex pattern in mahogany.

The highest tier of porch post replacement costs comes from custom designing columns to match historical pieces. While it depends entirely on the complexity of the design, these replica columns can cast around $3,000 per individual piece. We like to begin every custom job with a conversation, so reach out to our team today!


Order Porch Replacement Columns Today

If you see a style of porch replacement column that you like, we’re happy to craft them for you. No matter where in the United States you live, you can take advantage of our woodwork. While we may craft historical pieces and embody the old-fashioned value of hard work, we’re a company that loves 21st century convenience. So, you can place your order online and have it delivered right to your home!

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After being turned down by several other wood crafting companies who were not interested in my small job, Turntech said "Yes" and made the chair bottom spindles needed to repair my favorite colonial style maple chairs. Thank you! Turntech, i have my beloved chairs back good as new.
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Nancy Loughery
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They were very kind in doing a custom project for me for a table I was commissioned to make.A great success! My customer loves it!!BRAVO!!!!!!!
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Great response time with answering questions. Legs arrived sooner than expected, was packed well for shipping & are beautiful! Look forward to using this company again!
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Heather Erlewine
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I ordered and received a porch post in 2020. I'm sorry I'm so late writing a review. Due to the weather and a broken ankle I haven't been able to install it yet. Customer service was great, The quality of the post is fantastic, I sent my own drawing copied from the other 150 year old posts on the porch and they matched it. I still need to paint the post and install it , I will upload a picture when I get there. An excellent woodworking company. I will use them again if I need a top quality post.
Abe Gravois
Abe Gravois
15:18 17 Mar 21
When we needed to replicate the balusters for our historical restoration we turned to TurnTech. See what I did there :)Turntech exceeded my every expectation, from customer service to product craftmanship and quality.The truth is I should have been the one sending the popcorn and thank you note....We will definitely be doing business again.
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Steve Mavrakis
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