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One of the defining traits of any formal staircase is its newel posts. Most often appearing at the top and bottom of a staircase, these robust posts anchor the handrails and balusters. From an aesthetic standpoint, these large and detailed pieces often give the stairs their sense of style.  We’re highlighting the two most popular newel post styles – modern and traditional – to help you find the perfect look for your interior décor.

At Turntech, we’re a custom woodworking company that produces detailed, high-quality pieces for renovating homes, both inside and out. Since newel posts have so much room for custom options and are such a centerpiece in designs, they have become one of our signature items. Explore modern and traditional newel post styles – and place your order or custom design with us!


Modern Newel Posts

Modern newel posts are often used when updating an interior décor or in contemporary-styled new builds. While modern styles are often seen as being plain and functional, there is ample room for custom, distinctly up-to-date features. Here’s what sets them apart:


Box Style 

  • The square or boxy style of modern newel posts is one of the hallmarks of this style. This means the entire post, from the base to the cap, will be square. Some modern newels have a wider base that narrows toward the top. While having a box style doesn’t guarantee that a piece will be modern, it very often is the case.

Square newel post style in craftsman home



  • Even though these posts may be modern, it doesn’t mean they are all no-frills. One of the most popular features of a modern box newel is its fluting, or straight indentations running down the sides. This detailed work makes the newels even more eye-catching.

Fluting newel post style for modern home


Simple Beading 

  • While many designers think of beading as a more traditional accent, simple beading that follows clean lines is fantastic on modern newel posts. They are often featured right below the cap.

Wooden staircase newel post style



Straight Lines 

  • A hallmark of modern design, straight lines and sharp angels can be seen throughout this newel post style. From the square shape of the piece to the straight fluting and the beading, all of the fancier touches reinforce the modern feel. See & shop popular styles of box newels.

White and brown modern newel post with staircase


Round Style 

  • A round shape is the most common one to see for the classical style. It is often a fantastic complement to the round pieces of the baluster as well. Oftentimes, the round newel cap is accessorized with a decorative wooden ball as a topper.

Round traditional newel post in foyer



  • A gentle taper from top to bottom is another hallmark of this post type. While modern newel posts tend to get wider suddenly, the width changes smoothly in a classical design. This taper can enhance the effectiveness of the roping or other carving.

Tapered newel post design in traditional home


Roped Carving 

  • A roped design running down the post is one of the standout ways to create this highly ornamental style. Other even more delicate carving styles – such as a basket weave – can also be used to draw attention to traditional newel posts as well.

Spiral carved newel post style


Extremely Detailed Work 

  • If you have a true appreciation for intricate and detailed wood carving, a traditional newel post is an ideal place to highlight it. If you are designing in this style, you very likely will want to work with our team to design a true custom piece. See & shop popular styles of round newels.

Extremely detailed wood carved newel post design


Find Your Newel Post Style & Order Here

At Turntech, our woodcarvers build every single piece to be the perfect accessory in your design. Firstly, we have a large selection of popular newel post designs that many homeowners and contractors love. However, we also have the ability to custom build nearly any design you can envision. In fact, our team is even able to exactly match an existing post from a picture, which is ideal for historic home renovations.

So, if you have a newel post style in mind or you’re still defining what you’re looking for, we’d love to work with you. Shop everything right now – or reach out to our team to discuss your custom project!

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