7 Fireplace Remodel Ideas & What You’ll Need

No matter the age of your fireplace, if it fails to bring style and value to your home, it’s time for an upgrade! However, rather than opting for a complete replacement, a few improvements may be all it needs.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through 7 captivating fireplace remodel ideas that are sure to ignite your creativity while offering valuable insights into the necessary products for these transformations.

Let’s dive into these fireplace makeover ideas that are suitable for every skill level, budget, and style preference!


Inspirational Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Before you look at these captivating fireplace makeover ideas, let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: Can I Really DIY My Fireplace Makeover? The answer is yes, with the right guidance and tools! So, let’s get started with some stunning fireplace renovation concepts that will spark your creativity.

Simple fireplace columns and pillars

Keep it Simple and Sleek: Sometimes, less is more, and this example beautifully illustrates the concept of simplicity and sleekness in fireplace remodeling. The smooth and unadorned columns flanking the fireplace create a modern and minimalist look that exudes sophistication. These fireplace columns are a perfect choice for those who appreciate clean lines and understated elegance.


Decorative fireplace column and pillars

Enhance with Ornate Fireplace Columns: On the other hand, if beautifully detailed designs are more your style, ornate columns may be the fireplace makeover idea you prefer! Our elegant fireplace columns come in many gorgeous patterns and textures, so we encourage you to explore them here.


Crown moulding for fireplace design ideas

Add Decorative Fireplace Crown Moulding: By adding ornate moulding to your fireplace surround, you can create a sophisticated and classical look that instantly elevates the entire room. Whether you prefer a simple or detailed style, this fireplace remodel idea is easy enough to DIY if desired!


Fireplace Makeover Ideas for Tall Ceilings

Go Big with Double Fireplace Columns: Transform your fireplace into an elegant focal point by adding double fireplace columns. This idea infuses a sense of grandeur into your living space, creating a timeless and sophisticated ambiance. To achieve this look, you’ll need custom-made columns, available at our shop, which can be tailored to match your decor and style preferences.


Fireplace Makeover with Custom Millwork

Consider Custom Fireplace Millwork: Partner with a local woodshop to take advantage of custom fireplace millwork, like in this photo! The showpiece of this mantel is the exquisite custom routed circle medallion, which becomes the focal point of the entire space.


Remodeling a fireplace with woodworking

Go Viral with Spirals: For a fireplace remodel idea that’s sure to capture attention, consider going with a unique design for the pillars, like the spiral design here. This fireplace remodel idea is a great fit for those looking for a one-of-a-kind and out-of-the-box design!


Custom millwork for fireplace design

Make it a Statement Piece: Imagine cozy evenings by the fire, accompanied by the convenience of a stylish tabletop for entertainment. This fireplace makeover idea showcases how you can turn your standard space into a multifunctional masterpiece with just a few adjustments like fluted legs, a wide mantel, and a floating shelf!

Can’t get enough fireplace remodel ideas? Check out our other blog, “Custom Fireplace Designs” now to see more!


Featured Products: Fireplace Crown Moulding

Fireplace crown moulding is a versatile decorative trim designed to enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace. It’s used to frame the fireplace surround, creating an elegant and polished look.

When shopping for fireplace crown moulding online, consider factors such as material, size, and design. Many online retailers offer a wide selection of options, allowing you to find the perfect moulding to complement your fireplace. At Turntech, you’ll find over 20 unique options of premium wooden crown moulding for sale – explore and place your order now!


Featured Product: Fireplace Columns

One of the themes you may have noticed across these fireplace remodel ideas is columns and pillars! These sturdy and stylish additions serve both decorative and functional purposes and can be used to frame your fireplace, provide support for mantels, and more.

Beyond their structural role, fireplace columns add a touch of opulence and character to your hearth, creating a captivating focal point in your living space. Whether you prefer classic aesthetics or unique, custom options, fireplace columns and pillars come in a variety of designs and can be found online, like at Turntech, or at other retailers.


Additional Fireplace Millwork to Consider

When it comes to elevating your hearth’s aesthetics, custom fireplace millwork offers a world of possibilities beyond just pillars and moulding.

TurnTech’s extensive selection of millwork allows you to tailor every aspect of your fireplace makeover with:

  • Custom routed designs
  • Decorative mouldings
  • Unique patterns
  • Custom accents
  • Beautiful wooden corbels
  • And so much more!

Let your imagination run wild, and with these custom options, transform your fireplace into a stunning masterpiece that reflects your style and personality!


Get More Fireplace Remodeling Ideas from Turntech

Design idea for fireplace remodel DIY

As you embark on your fireplace remodeling journey, remember that the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of decorative moulding, the sophistication of custom routed designs, or the uniqueness of artistic carvings, custom millwork allows you to turn your fireplace into a true masterpiece.

At Turntech, we’re here to inspire your creativity and help you bring your vision to life. Explore our wide selection of fireplace millwork options, and let your hearth become the heart of your home.

With Turntech, your fireplace remodel can transform your living space into a place of warmth, beauty, and individuality.

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