Your Options for Indoor Wood Columns

Indoor wood columns are some of the most unique and eye-catching pieces of home décor. Whether you use them as an aesthetic accent or as the centerpiece of your design, these columns will beautifully enhance your home renovation. That’s why these interior decorative columns have become a facet in many home remodels across the country.

At TurnTech, we custom carve wood products that complete both indoor and outdoor spaces. Since decorative wood columns for interior spaces are some of our most sought-after turnings, we’re breaking down the custom options that are popular and available. See some of the variations possible with these stunning pieces – and start shopping today!


Customizing Interior Decorative Columns

When we say custom, we mean it. Almost every aspect of these interior decorative columns can be built to your specifications. So whether you’re a homeowner brainstorming your home’s new interior or you’re a professional designer looking for another X-factor, this is where to get started!


Column Shape & Design – One of the first choices you’ll make during the design phase, the shape of the column says a lot about the character of the space it’s in.  These are the main shapes of our indoor wood columns:


  • Plain Tapered Column — A clean design, these columns start slimmer and widen out towards the base. This shape is one of the most popular in kitchen and dining rooms.

  • Straight Columns – Another simple and versatile shape, these columns can be used to create a barrier between rooms or as a component in a larger project.

  • Straight Fluted – This more intricate design features deep grooves running down the column. These columns look especially gorgeous when they are built larger!

  • Roped – These highly ornamental columns are used to craft truly classical looking spaces.

  • Belly Styled – These very distinct and large columns feature a wide middle section and base with a tapered top section.


Wood Species – Almost all of the columns we craft are meant to be painted or stained, so we primarily build from paint-grade pieces of wood. The high-quality lumber we use ensures that our columns can withstand the wear-and-tear of being installed either inside your home or in your outdoor space.

Poplar is one of the most popular types of wood we use since paints bond extremely well to it.  Maple wood is the preferred choice for fluted or roped columns, however as it is a harder and stronger piece of wood.

Capital and Base – Next to the column style, the capital (or cap) and the base of the column are the primary way to tailor your indoor decorative columns to your décor style. For example, the Tucson style capital tends to be clean and matches well with straight or tapered columns. On the other hand, the Doric style cap and base have a beefier design and more room for ornate designs.

Height & Width – What you’re using the column for determines its height. If you’re using it as an accent piece next to a fireplace or on a half wall, you’ll only need a few feet of column. However, if you’re using an indoor wood column for full floor-to-ceiling coverage, you’ll need it to be taller – and possibly wider.

Weight Bearing Possibilities – These columns are for more than just stlye. You can use these columns to support weight and to supplement for other load-bearing pillars. We build weight-bearing posts in halves around a central steel post – this gives them added strength but with a continuous look.

See how you can use columns for your renovation.


Shop Our Decorative Wood Columns Today

Luxury master bathroom with ornate wooden column

The possibilities for custom turned decorative wood columns are nearly endless. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re ready to place your order, we offer convenient online shopping and nationwide shipping.

However, if you’d like to discuss your options and further customize your interior decorative columns, we encourage you to reach out to our team.  Contact us today to start the conversation.

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Lindsay Myers
Wonderful work, great communication. Highly recommend.
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Turntech made a difference in the final look by providing the wood moulding I needed to refinish an antique pool table. They were the only place I could find the red oak with the style and size that most closely matched. Further they credited me back for the set up costs since they had what I needed in stalk. Highly recommended! Thanks Turntech!!
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Adam Phillips
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