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If you’ve ever felt that your kitchen could use a little extra charm, you’re in the right place! In today’s blog, we’ll explore everything there is to know about kitchen island pillars and columns such as what they are, what they’re used for, and even some design ideas to inspire you!

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What are Kitchen Columns?

Kitchen columns, in essence, are vertical architectural elements that can serve both structural and decorative purposes within a kitchen space. They can be thought of as the supporting actors that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen.


Structural or Decorative?

One of the first questions that may come to mind is whether kitchen columns are structural or purely decorative. The answer is that they can be both! Some kitchen columns are designed primarily for support, providing stability to kitchen islands or countertops. Others, however, are crafted with an emphasis on aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance and style to the kitchen.


Types and Styles of Kitchen Columns

Kitchen island pillars and columns come in different types and styles, catering to diverse design preferences and functional needs.

Kitchen Island Columns (Legs for Under the Counter): These kitchen island columns are often situated at the corners or edges of kitchen islands, providing support and an elegant visual anchor.

Kitchen Island Pillars (From Countertop to Ceiling): For those aiming to make a bold statement, kitchen island pillars that extend from the countertop to the ceiling are a stunning choice. These pillars create a sense of grandeur and can be a focal point in the kitchen.

Floor-to-Ceiling Columns: If you’re seeking to create a seamless transition between your kitchen and the surrounding space, kitchen island columns to the ceiling are the way to go. These columns, often used in open-concept designs, offer both support and a cohesive design element.


Kitchen Island Pillar Designs and Ideas

Just like how there is a wide range of pillar types, there are also many kitchen island column ideas and applications to consider. Here are a few of our favorites made with Turntech columns!

white kitchen island pillar from counter to ceiling

Straight and Smooth Pillar: Elevate your kitchen’s charm with a touch of elegance through a straight and smooth countertop-to-ceiling pillar. This versatile design element adds intrigue to any space, seamlessly complementing various interior styles, from modern to traditional.


Kitchen island columns load bearing

Innovative Twisted Pillar: When it comes to wooden kitchen island column ideas, the possibilities are endless. Explore the artistry of a Barely Twisted style, showcasing the creative potential of wood. These columns not only enhance aesthetics but also provide efficient countertop support.


Basement kitchen with columns at bar

Basement Bar Accent: This kitchen island pillar design will make yours the coolest basement bar on the block. Easily achieve this look with two matching kitchen island pillars atop your countertop reaching to the ceiling.


Outdoor kitchen with pillars and columns

Outdoor Kitchen Columns: Kitchen island column ideas aren’t confined to the walls inside your home – take them outdoors for an elevated backyard living space! Classic square or round kitchen columns are a subtle yet distinctive style element that can take your space from ordinary to extraordinary.


Modern farmhouse kitchen island columns

Understated Style: For those seeking a more discreet approach to kitchen island columns, consider this subtle yet impactful idea. Keep a simple kitchen island column close to the island itself, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the island’s aesthetics without supporting the countertop weight.

Discover even more ways that trendy kitchen island column ideas can elevate the style and functionality of your space. Check out our online gallery of woodworking in the kitchen, here!


Find More Kitchen Island Column Ideas Here

At Turntech, we take pride in being a Lancaster County-based woodshop specializing in top-quality kitchen woodworking products.

When it comes to kitchen columns and pillars, we offer a selection of standard designs that you can easily order. But, if you have a unique vision in mind, we welcome you to share drawings or inspiration photos with us – and we’ll bring your ideas to life.

What sets us apart is our dedication to craftsmanship and customer convenience. We have the expertise to craft anything you envision, and we make it easy for you to access our products and services. With nationwide shipping across the USA, a user-friendly online ordering system, and a knowledgeable team ready to assist you with your custom projects, you’ll be glad you partnered with a team like ours!

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