Where to Buy Decorative Columns & Why It Matters

When you think of classical home design, chances are good that you think of decorative wooden columns. Whether it’s grand pillars on your porch or interior ones adorning a living room, there are so many ways to incorporate them into your remodel. We feel confident to say that if you’re planning a home renovation in the classical or historical style, columns are an important part.  If you’re wondering where to buy decorative columns, we often recommend you trust a custom wood shop.

At TurnTech, we’re exactly that: a custom woodworking shop — but one that embraces the convenience of the 21st century by offering online shopping, CAD(computer aided drafting), CNC Machining and nationwide shipping.  In our latest blog, we’re answering the pressing question about where to buy decorative columns and explaining why the right ones make a huge impact.


Different Column Suppliers, Different Quality

Grand entrance to home with square wood columns

Unless you’re a seasoned contractor or a veteran home remodeler, you’ll be surprised at the number of different wood column suppliers out there. Big box hardware stores almost always carry wood columns — and even Amazon sells them too.

The main reason behind this is that big box stores and Amazon buy columns that are manufactured in bulk, thousands of a time, in factories. On the other hand, At Turntech we manufacture your custom columns made-to-order. This one fact is responsible for differences between big box store columns and woodshop quality pieces:


We’re breaking down everything you need to know:

  • Construction Quality — When you’re building thousands of columns at a time, you need to work fast. That’s why big box store columns are almost always built using finger joints. This building method is a problem because those joints are very susceptible to moisture infiltration. If you try to use these cheaper decorative columns as part of a front porch renovation, you may end up needing to replace them in just a few short years.
  • Fewer Options — The style of columns play an important part of defining your home aesthetic. When you work with a dedicated woodshop, you’ll have access to a wider variety of styles, like roped, fluted, tapered and so much more — see what we’re talking about here. Don’t expect that same level of variety from a store that also sells grills and lawnmowers.
  • Lumber — At TurnTech we build with naturally durable mahoghany, Spanish cedar, or yellow pine. On the other hand, a lot of big box column suppliers simply won’t tell you what lumber they use at all. Our focus is giving you as many different lumber options as possible.
  • No Customization — Imagine trying to walk into a big box store and talk to a manager about ordering a column to match your historic porch. It wold likely not happen because what you see on the shelf is what you get. Dedicated column suppliers, like TurnTech, build every wooden column to order so you can specify the exact style you want — or we can even match a picture you send us.


Request your custom column quote right here.

Working with the right column supplier is essential whether you’re renovating the inside of your home or the exterior. Not only will wooden columns make an impact on your porch, but they can transform a living room, a home theater, a home office and so many other spaces.

Explore our 7 favorite wooden column interior design ideas.


Take Advantage of TurnTech Convenience

Turning a custom requested exterior column

The main reason that people buy decorative columns from their local hardware store or Amazon is simple: convenience. That’s one of the main reasons we do what we do. You don’t need to choose between an easy experience and the top-quality architectural and decorative columns you’ll utilize in your renovation.

We offer online ordering for almost all of our products, and we make it extremely easy to get a quote on your custom pieces. Shop today or reach out to discuss your custom order!


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Ordered 4 table legs - they are GORGEOUS - hand turned and very heavy. Price was very reasonable. Production was about one week. We're using them as base for a 36 sq. foot island with quartz and contractor is very pleased with them.
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Lindsay Myers
Wonderful work, great communication. Highly recommend.
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Gordon Hall
Turntech made a difference in the final look by providing the wood moulding I needed to refinish an antique pool table. They were the only place I could find the red oak with the style and size that most closely matched. Further they credited me back for the set up costs since they had what I needed in stalk. Highly recommended! Thanks Turntech!!
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Adam Phillips
I ordered a bunch of corbels for a large bar I was building. Their prices were great and they shipped quickly. Communication was great as well. I was very pleased with what I received and would definitely purchase from them again in the future.
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Justin Prior
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